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Did Kathryn Bernardo just unfollow Daniel Padilla and Gillian Vicencio? 

Kathryn unfollow Daniel

Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla and Gillian Vicencio. Image: Instagram/@bernardokath, @supremo_dp, @_gillianvicencio

Apparently so.

In a social media plot twist that left fans buzzing, Kathryn Bernardo sent shockwaves through Instagram when she hit the unfollow button on her ex-beau, Daniel Padilla, and actress Gillian Vicencio. 

Fans of Kathryn and Daniel couldn’t help but notice the  shift in their digital dynamics. While Padilla still remains in pursuit of updates from his ex-lover, the same cannot be said for Bernardo, who has seemingly cut the virtual ties that once bound them.

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The intrigue didn’t stop there. As fans meticulously combed through Bernardo’s following list, another revelation emerged – the sudden absence of Gillian Vicencio,  who had been previously accused of playing the role of the third party in the demise of the once inseparable celebrity couple.

Kathryn unfollow Daniel

This unexpected twist follows a timeline of online interactions, with a fan on TikTok having captured the evidence of Bernardo’s previous following status with Vicencio just weeks ago in early December. 

The digital saga continues, and fans are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next move in this captivating social media drama.

Meanwhile, netizens were also curious after they noticed that Bernardo does not follow fellow actresses Liza Soberano and Julia Barretto.

Kathryn unfollow

It was not immediately confirmed if the “A Very Good Girl” actress had unfollowed the two or if she hasn’t been following them in the first place.

Vicencio, who worked with Bernardo and Padilla in the TV series “2 Good 2 Be True,” was dragged into the pair’s breakup after rumors of her supposed affair with the actor back in September made rounds on social media.

Vicencio denied the rumors, with her friend DJ Jhai Ho claiming that he knew who’s behind the “made-up stories” about the actress. Both Bernardo and Padilla have yet to publicly speak up on the matter as of this writing.

Meanwhile, Bernardo also made headlines in November for reportedly unfollowing Andrea Brillantes, who was also being linked to Padilla.

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