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Suroy-Suroy Sugbo Northern Escapade: Day 2 unveils coastal delights

CEBU CITY, Philippines – The Suroy-Suroy Sugbo Northern Escapade had a successful kick-off on January 23, 2024, starting from the town of Consolacion and ending in Daanbantayan, the northernmost tip of Cebu island.

As the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo continued, the second day of the guided tour covered four Cebu coastal towns: San Remigio, Santa Fe, Medellin, and Bantayan.

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From the lush green landscapes on the first day to the crystal-clear seas on the next day, the approximately 600 participants of the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo were delighted by the unique and refreshing views of the coast and a delectable array of various seafood.

In San Remigio, the chosen starting point for the second day, participants were greeted with delightful Rondalla tunes performed by the local elders.

A highlight of San Remigio is its renowned delicacy, “Manok sa Kawayan,” which was served for the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo delegates to relish the local flavors of Bisayang Manok sa Kawayan.

Jelma Lastimoso, the local cook behind this delicacy in San Remigio, shared with CDN Digital that she has been preparing this dish since 2016.

According to Lastimoso, Manok sa Kawayan features Bisayang Manok, or Bisnok, filled with Valenciana Paella and marinated for two days to allow the flavors to infuse.

Participants were also treated to a variety of delicious seafood in San Remigio, including the famous sea urchin known as “tuyom” in Cebuano.

David Forde, who is from Barbados, accompanied by his Filipino wife, Alona Forde, shared their experience with CDN Digital during the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo Northern Escapade.

“Everything was just great. People are friendly, school kids are waving, they made us feel really welcome,” Forde expressed.

Cultural presentations

According to David, the highlight of the event for him thus far has been the cultural presentations showcasing the performances from each town.

The second destination was Santa Fe. Despite the intense heat of the sun, participants were captivated by the crystal-clear waters of the coastal town.

Santa Fe is renowned for its recreational water sports activities, including parasailing, kayaking, and kite surfing.

During the stop, high school students showcase their artworks. On display are painted and sketched artworks featuring the faces of celebrities and even depictions of the Almighty on canvas.

Meanwhile, in Madridejos, locals prepare grilled “wasay-wasay,” a type of shellfish with a taste similar to oysters but larger in size.

The town also offers Filipino afternoon snacks like pinaypay, ginanggang nga saging, and fried kamote.

Kota Fort, Madridejos

Madridejos, recognized for its abundance of fish and other aquatic resources, also holds historical significance as it is home to ‘Kota Fort.’

Constructed in the 1790s, the fort served as a watchtower and refuge for locals whenever pirates attacked and plundered coastal barangays.

Rea Duaso, 18, a senior high student at Madridejos National High School, remembering the history of Lawis, their town’s old name, holds importance.

“Importante siya as a student and as a Lawisanon at the same time nga makahibaw kami sa history sa Madridejos… kay part man gud ni siya sa atong life,” Duaso said.

The day concluded in the town of Bantayan, and one of its highlights is the Parokya de San Pedro Apostol.

According to local curator Kenneth Roger Monilar, the parish is among the mother churches in Cebu, boasting a history that dates back 443 years.

The participants also explored a local museum in Bantayan, housing various religious artifacts and historical items. The Bantayan Museum is situated beside the San Pedro de Apostol church.

At the dinner during the final stop, locals introduced Bantayan’s unique delicacy, “Tago-Angkan.”

Crafted using the chicken ovary to preserve a fertilized egg inside, people can enjoy Tago-Angkan by either frying it or savoring it grilled.

The last day of the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo Northern Escapade will cover the City of Bogo, Tabogon, Borbon, Catmon, and Liloan.

The three-day event marks the Cebu Provincial government’s first tourism caravan of the year, featuring 11 buses dedicated to accommodating tourists from Consolacion to Madridejos. The caravan will showcase offerings from 15 Cebu local government units.



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