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Singer-mom with cancer asks TikTok to stream her song to help support her son

Singer Cat Janice who is in hospice transferred her songs’ rights to leave something behind for son

Singer Cat Janice who is in hospice transferred her songs’ rights to leave something behind for son | Photos from @cat.janice/Instagram

A mother’s love will always beat the test of time. This was proven even further by singer Cat Janice who is currently in hospice.

The songwriter, who has been living with cancer, took to TikTok to share that her songs, including her latest “Dance You Outta My Head,” is her way to help support her son while struggling with sarcoma.

To do this, the 31-year-old singer and mother transferred all the rights of her songs to her seven-year-old son Loren. She announced this through a TikTok video. “My art is all I have to leave behind and I’m leaving it behind for my son to profit on.”

After hearing this, TikTok was quick to respond, with thousands of users immediately interacting with her post to boost engagement. They also made their own videos using the audio, which included influencer Alix Earle, who urged her followers to support the single. “Everyone should be blowing up this song,” she wrote, tagging Cat Janice.

The influencer with 6.4 million followers danced to the song with her mom and boyfriend, Miami Dolphins NFL player Braxton Berrios.

With everyone’s heartwarming support towards Janice and her son, Janice was able to reach the Billboard charts. “You all gave me my one more moment alive and I am forever grateful,” she said on TikTok. “Officially Billboard Charting Top 40 artist!”

The singer also recently celebrated her birthday surrounded by friends and family. In an interview with USA Today, she shared, “I really wasn’t expecting to be here. I really do believe it’s a miracle to be able to witness this.”

Cat Janice, born Catherine Janice Ispan, was first diagnosed in 2021 and has since been documenting her experience with the disease.


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