Do you know what a ‘Sneaky Link’ is? Read on

CEBU CITY, Philippines— The dating scene of today has evolved drastically, and sometimes it is hard to understand whether the person you are seeing is someone you like or something you just enjoy being with.

Complicated right?

While others are enjoying each other’s company out in the open, others are enjoying the low-key style of going around.

Have you ever heard of the new slang most netizens use online?

‘Sneaky Link’ typically refers to a discreet or low-key invitation for someone to hang out or meet up, often with the implication of a romantic or intimate encounter.

Did you just learn something new today?

If this is new to you, let us help you with this rundown on how you can say that one has a sneaky link.

  • Increased Secrecy with Phone: If you notice that someone has become unusually secretive with their phone, such as guarding it closely, hiding the screen when receiving messages, or suddenly stepping away to take calls or respond to messages in private, it could be a sign that they’re involved in something they don’t want others to know about.Sneaky link
  • Changes in routine: Keep an eye out for any sudden changes in their behavior or routine, such as staying out late more often, making excuses to leave suddenly, or being vague about their plans or whereabouts.
  • Mentioning someone frequently in conversations: If someone frequently mentions or talks about a new person in their life, especially if they’re vague about who this person is or seem hesitant to share details, it could be a sign that they’re involved in a sneaky link.
  • Surprise gifts: Look out for any unexplained gifts, or purchases because these can be signs that someone is  investing time and resources into maintaining a sneaky link without others knowing.
    Sneaky link
  • Social Media Clues: Pay attention to their activity on social media, such as liking or commenting on posts from a specific individual or suddenly becoming more active on messaging apps. Or when they post a photo of someone whose face is not showing or just make a post with intriguing setups.

In today’s digital age, the sneaky link has emerged as a secretive ritual in modern relationships. Fueled by curiosity, excitement, or the appeal of secrecy, people walk a fine line between discretion and desire.


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