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Hero dog ‘Appa’ rescues child in Davao de Oro landslide

Appa, the hero dog | Photo from: Davao Road Accident and Disaster/ FB

CONSOLACION, Cebu – In a remarkable twist of events, rescue dog Appa not only proves the age-old saying “dogs are man’s best friend” true but shows how they can save human lives.

Meet Appa

Appa is a brave Aspin with a golden retriever mix, deployed by the Coast Guard District Southeastern Mindanao to help them in a search and rescue mission after a landslide hit in Barangay Masara, Maco, Davao de Oro. 

According to a post by Davao Road Accident and Disaster, Appa is now nine years old and has been under the Coast Guard’s care for eight years.

Appa’s mission in Davao de Oro landslide

After being deployed by the Coast Guard District Southeastern Mindanao, Appa has helped find and rescue people trapped in the debris, which resulted in the recovery of several bodies and the location of a child survivor on Friday, February 9.

Having participated in previous rescue missions in Davao Oriental, Appa quickly responded to the emergency in Barangay Masara, earning the community’s gratitude as a four-legged hero.

Appa, the rescue dog. | Photo from: Davao Road Accident and Disaster/ FB

Dogs need your support, too

Appa’s bravery in uncovering a person from the rubble reminds us of the deep loyalty that dogs offer. His selfless act emphasizes the strong spirit of our four-legged friends and prompts us to reciprocate by caring for them.

Following Appa’s courageous rescue, let it be a lasting echo that our duty to care for these devoted companions is a small yet vital way of expressing gratitude for their unwavering commitment to our shared journey through life.

Have you also encountered a hero dog like Appa in your life, ka-Siloy? /clorenciana

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