Here’s why we should be thankful for our dogs


CEBU CITY, Philippines— Our furry companions bring boundless joy into our lives, reminding us daily to cherish the simple pleasures.

From their wagging tails to the kisses they give, they easily make a “ruff” day a good one.

Today, as we celebrate “Thankful for My Dog Day,”  let’s take time to thank our dogs for all the things they’ve done for us that simply make life bearable.

Here’s why we should be thankful:

Dogs show unconditional love

Our dogs love us without conditions, offering unwavering affection and loyalty that brighten our days.

They have stress relieving powers

They are masters at turning stressful moments into opportunities for play

Dogs offer companionship

Whether we’re celebrating victories or facing challenges in our lives they are there to just stay with us with full loyalty.

They are fun to be with

From their hilarious antics our dogs bring endless entertainment, filling our homes with joy and laughter.

They help us stay safe

Their presence adds an extra layer of security, creating a sense of safety and protection within our homes.

They are non-judgmental listerners

Our dogs are excellent listeners, providing a non-judgmental ear for us to share our thoughts and feelings without reservation.

Today, we show our appreciation to our fur buddies, who have always been by our side no matter what. #CDNDigital

Posted by CDN Digital on Wednesday, November 22, 2023

So, here’s to our four-legged friends—the tail-wagging, heart-stealing, and paw-some companions, who enrich our lives in ways we could never have imagined.



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