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Love and relationships: Gen Z setting

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CEBU CITY, Philippines — This love month, people from all walks of life celebrated the different forms of love, whether single or in a relationship.

People celebrated love month with their loved ones, such as friends and family, regardless of their relationship status.


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When it comes to relationships, a question often gets to the young generation, specifically those who belong to Generation (Gen) Z: Do you believe in love?

According to Beresford Research, Gen Zs are those born between 1997 and 2012 and will be aged 12 to 27 in 2024.

In their 20s, some are already married, while some choose to be single. How does this generation view love and relationships today?

In an interview with Maria Lourdes Garillos, population program officer of the Commission on Population and Development in Central Visayas (Popcom-7), she expressed sadness about the kind of relationships that some Gen Zs face today.

Love and relationships are vital aspects of human life. They go hand in hand in all ways.

Lacking effort, communication, and commitment

Love is an intangible feeling toward people, while a relationship refers to the connection between two or more people and can come in various forms: romantic, familial, platonic, or professional.

Their common denominator is that they require effort, communication, and commitment to flourish.

With this, Garillos, who is a Baby Boomer, said she observed that effort, communication, and commitment are the lacking elements that explain why some choose to be single or do not want to commit anymore.

“My generation is very different. We value relationships, and when we say we are already in a relationship, our partners were willing to commit,” Garillos said in Cebuano.

She added that when people decide to commit to a relationship, to keep it, “they try to work it out.”

Willing to take the risk

To keep the relationship longer, one must be willing to go through the risks, especially during ups and downs.

But in the present time, she noticed there have been countless numbers of cheating incidents.

She believes it could be why many younger generations opt to be single rather than commit, and she could not blame them.

“Betrayal can really destroy a relationship, and the degree of trust that you gave to someone can be hard to earn again” 

Garillos believes many younger people choose happiness over staying in a relationship that no longer brings joy.

Moreover, she added that with the age of technology, traditional forms that express love to someone have also become a blur.

She said it would be nice to see people writing and sending letters inked on paper again, not through the power of keyboards and smartphones.

“This generation (Z) missed out…the value of commitment, and how you treasure another person…even in the very essence of (written letters),” Garillos added.

Love and relationships can bring happiness, fulfillment, and growth to individuals but can also be challenging and require work to overcome obstacles.


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