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Igsoon ni Ricardo Cepeda nangayo og donasyon para sa iyang kaso.

Igsoon ni Ricardo Cepeda nangayo og donasyon para sa iyang kaso

PHOTO: Screengrab from Go Fund Me website

Pinaagi sa iyang gi-sugdan nga “Go Fund Me,” nangayo og donasyon si Robert Go, ang kaluha sa aktor nga si Ricardo Cepeda, alang sa galasto-an sa iyang kaso.

Nanghinaot si Robert ug ang pamilya ni Ricardo nga makatigum sila og $30,000 o P150,000.  Sa pagkakaron naa pa lang sa $6,813 o P34,000 ang ilang natigum gikan sa mga donasyon.

Ang bail hearing ni Ricardo unya pa mahitabo sa Abril.

Gidakop si Ricardo niadtong Oktobre tungod sa kaso nga syndicated estafa og nagpabilin pa sa prisohan hangtod karon.

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Sa usa ka social media post, miingon si Robert nga nagkinahanglan sila og daku nga kantidad aron sa pagpamatuod sa korte nga walay sala ang iyang igsoon.

Mipakita usab si Roberto og hulagway ni Ricardo nga naka thumbs up isip pagpakita og paglaom nga makagawas ra unya siya sa prisohan.

Si Robert, kinsa naa sa Florida karon, mipaabot sa iyang kalooy tungod sa mga sayop nga pasangil batok kang Ricardo ug para sa tanang kalisud nga gi-agian sa iyang pamilya.

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“We come to you today with a heavy heart, bearing the latest update on Richard’s ongoing legal battle. The road ahead is fraught with challenges, and Richard needs your support now more than ever.”

“Richard’s journey through the legal system has been arduous. With 23 hearings scheduled between February and June 2024, the financial burden is overwhelming. Each court appearance costs at least $500.00, in addition to mounting attorney’s fees. The physical toll is equally daunting, as Richard must endure grueling journeys over bumpy roads for 3-4 hours each way from where he is being detained. The sacrifices extend to his wife, Marina, who makes the same journey from Manila to stand by his side at every hearing.”

“Despite our hopes, the recent developments have dashed them. Despite clear evidence of Richard’s innocence, the sluggishness of the legal process and the scheduling of a nationwide prosecutor’s conference in March and a Holiday in April have delayed any possibility of bail until April 18, 2024, at the earliest.”

“The frustration and emotions are almost too much to bear, especially knowing Richard’s innocence. Yet, in the midst of this turmoil, Richard has found solace in prayer. He believes there is a purpose in his plight, an opportunity to shed light on the injustices faced by innocent individuals like himself. Richard understands that his fight is not just for himself but for others who may find themselves in a similar predicament.”

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“Your unwavering support has been a lifeline for Richard and his family. Your generosity and encouragement have been a beacon of hope in these dark times. But the battle is far from over.”

“As we continue to stand with Richard in his fight for justice, we urge you to amplify your efforts. Share this campaign far and wide. Spread awareness of Richard’s story and advocate for his release. Your contributions will help cover his mounting legal costs, as he has no other source of income while he is detained.”

“Together, we can ensure that #JusticeForRichard becomes a reality. Together, we can make a difference. Bless you all for your continued prayers, contributions and support. We are deeply humbled and grateful. From our hearts to yours, Rob and Rose. #StandStrongRichard #InnocencePrevails #SupportForRichard #LegalBattleUpdate #AwarenessCampaign,” matud pa ni Robert.

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