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Fireman shows collection of firefighting equipment in mall exhibit

firefighting equipment

Michael Tan of Cebu City Fire Volunteer Inc. showed off his collection of firefighting equipment in a mall exhibit in Cebu City. CDN Digital photo/Niña Mae Oliverio

CEBU CITY, Philippines — An exhibit of firefighting equipment was unveiled in a mall in Cebu City on March 20 in celebration of Fire Prevention Month.

The exhibit was made possible through Michael Tan from Cebu City Fire Volunteer Inc., (CCFV) in partnership with a marketing distribution company. His exhibit was hosted by Ayala Center Cebu.

“This month is Fire Prevention Month. We want to show to people what firefighters are using,” Tan said.

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Moreover, the exhibit was designed to raise awareness, educate, and engage visitors on the critical importance of fire prevention.

firefighting equipment

This is photo of a helmet from Japan which is part of Tan’s collection. CDN Digital photo/Niña Mae Oliverio

Among the displays featured in the firefighting exhibit were the different types of firefighter’s personal protective equipment (PPE), thermal cameras, and 20 helmets which Tan collected himself.

Tan said that the 20 helmets out of 200 in his possession were the different helmets used by firefighters from other countries, which also served as the highlight of the exhibit.

firefighting equipment

Here are some of the helmet collections of Michael Tan. CDN Digital photo/Niña Mae Oliverio

The helmets from Singapore, Japan, Russia, Germany, and Poland were among those that were included in the display.

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Tan wanted to include his helmet collection to show to the public the diverse approaches to firefighting across different countries.

Tan said that he acquired these items through purchasing them from various collectors.

firefighting equipment

This is a photo of the ‘Are You Fire Ready?’ wall in the exhibit. CDN Digital photo/Niña Mae Oliverio

Aside from the firefighting equipment, the exhibit also featured an ‘Are You Fire Ready?’ wall that allows the public to read some fire safety rules and tips.

Moreover, the exhibit also caught the attention of an Australian kid who will be turning three years old this year.

Cameron Peter, accompanied by his parents, could not help but try one of the helmets in the exhibit. Tan gladly assisted Peter on wearing one.

firefighting equipment

Michael Tan assisted the adorable Cameron Peter to wear the firefighter’s helmet. CDN Digital photo/Niña Mae Oliverio

“He had always dreamed of being a fireman,” Peter’s mother told CDN Digital.

firefighting equipment

Australian kid, Cameron Peter giggled after wearing the fireman’s hat. CDN Digital photo/Niña Mae Oliverio

Also present during the opening ceremony were notable individuals from Datche namely Charlie Tan, Thelma Tan, and May Go, and  Engr. Elpidio A. Tariman, Jr. and Johnedsel B. Roca of CCFV.

The firefighting equipment exhibit will run until March 31.

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