Things you can do during Earth Hour 2024

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Power off.

Darkness sacres most of us, it gives us the sense of feeling about getting lost or worse, getting attacked.

But sometimes darkness can also mean recharging, taking time off, and just letting darkness creep in.

Today, March 23, the world celebrates Earth Hour 2024.


Time to Shine: Make Your Mark for Earth Hour at SM Malls

Earth Hour, 5 Reasons to Participate

Earth Hour is like a big birthday party for the planet, where everyone around the world turns off their lights for one hour to show love for Mother Earth.

Got anything in mind to participate in this event?

Here are ways how we can help celebrate this yearly activity for Mother Earth.

Candlelit Dinner

Gather with loved ones for a special dinner lit only by candles. Enjoy homemade dinner at home with your family and closest friends.

Yoga or Meditation Session

Relax and connect with nature through candlelit yoga or meditation. Focus on finding peace and tranquility within yourself as you unwind.

Earth hour 2024

Stargazing Party

Step outside and turn off all lights for a magical stargazing experience. Bring blankets, drinks, and snacks to enjoy while admiring the beauty of the night sky.

Earth hour 2024

Acoustic Jam Session

Have a laid-back jam session with acoustic music and candlelight. Enjoy unplugged tunes with friends or family in a cozy setting.

Play Board Games

Host a fun board game tournament with friends or family. Choose games that don’t need electricity and spend the evening competing and bonding together.

So, grab your candles, gather your friends and family, bring out your acoustic guitars and let’s have some fun while making a big statement about saving energy and protecting the environment!

Happy Earth Hour 2024!

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