Intangible luxuries of life we all need

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Luxury.

One word weighs heavy on everyone. When we mention luxury we think posh, lavish, extravagant, over the top!

A trip to Maldives, a trip abroad, living by the beach, owning a cabin in the mountains, or getting the dream car and living the life you always see in movies.

But are these the luxuries we all want and crave for now?

Luxuries can easily equate to happiness and there are a lot of ways one can be happy even with their one version of what is luxurious.


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In today’s materialistic world, we often forget about life’s simple yet deeply fulfilling joys. True luxuries aren’t always flashy, they’re the quiet moments and meaningful connections that bring lasting happiness.

Our journey varies from each other, some may see taking a nap as a luxury after having to work for long hours or having to stay up late because of anxious thoughts visiting us randomly.


Such a simple thing to say but something hard to achieve. To have a clear mind not being able to think of anything that has been bothering you gives you a sense of relief. A relief that we all want by the end of the day. Peace of mind gives us a different kind of luxury that would help us align ourselves, not being able to think of what others may have to say about us, or what we have to say about others. This is the kind of peace and luxury we want now, the kind of luxury no one can buy for us.


Friendship and relationships should always go both ways. Remember to choose who you let into your circle, the people in it should be the ones who trust you enough to run to you when they are both happy and sad and do the same for you in return. Having the right people in your circle makes life easier, never allow people to get into your circle who would create drama rather than face it head-on.  Choosing who you give your energy to is the biggest flex you can give yourself, guard your energy keep the right ones, and let go of the wrong ones.


Being around everyone all the time can be exhausting— even around your own family. This may sound selfish but having your own time can help you maintain your identity. Having your own time helps you reconnect with who you are. Even with the busy life we have around with the people we love it is always helpful to know that we are still ourselves by spending time alone and discovering something new about ourselves now and then. No matter where you go and who you are with, never forget who you are.


Sleeping in on some days, just sitting in one corner of your house sipping coffee, scrolling through your phone, reading a book, or just simply sipping the mug of coffee and breathing in the moment is one of the best luxuries one can have today. Slow days like not having to think of work, school or our responsibilities can be the breather we all need— what a luxury isn’t? Starting the day slow and just doing things slow on some days can help us breathe again, breathe in the blessings, and exhale anxiety and stress. Go out or stay in just remember this take it slow this time and take it easy on yourself. You have more days to scramble on things, take time to breathe.


Vague right? But in our times now, we seldom always get to get the consensus of others to move or to make sure we don’t step on anyone’s toes and hurt anyone. Sometimes, we are left to wonder if are we really free or just merely living by the rules of others. How about your own rules? How about your freedom? Freedom to choose the coffee you like, the people you want to hang out with, the colors of socks you want to wear today, or the freedom to choose how to live your life. Remember this is your life, your life shouldn’t be a reflection of how others perceive you to be, but a reflection of who you are.  Freedom is a luxury not everyone gets to enjoy, but may this be the start of for you to take charge and be free.

From the gentle dawn to the warmth of a hug, these moments hold a wealth beyond possessions. Embracing what truly matters leads us to a richer, more satisfying life, celebrating the beauty in everyday simplicity.

Luxuries of our age are mostly intangible but will last us a lifetime of contentment, happiness, and most especially a life worth living for.

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