Social media tips amid rising cybersecurity threats

The recent hacking of Vicente Sotto's FB page serves as a warning how anyone can be a victim

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In an age where a single click can expose one to unseen dangers, an IT security expert is sounding the alarm on the lurking risks of social media and public Wi-Fi networks.

With cybersecurity threats looming large and recent breaches targeting Philippine government agencies, Ben Ouano, chief operating officer at cybersecurity company Resecurity, in an interview said this should serve as a caution for individuals, businesses, and even government offices alike.

Recently, the official Facebook page of Cebu-based Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center was hacked.

In the wake of escalating cybersecurity risks, Ouano urged individuals to exercise caution in their social media activity.

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Ouano underscored the critical importance of safeguarding personal information online, emphasizing that cybersecurity threats remain ever-present.

He said “individuals must exercise vigilance” when it comes to their “social media activity.”

He advised against sharing sensitive details such as addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information on public platforms, as these can be exploited by malicious actors. The cybersecurity expert recently engaged with private and government stakeholders in Cebu in an effort to raise awareness on cybersecurity.

Moreover, Ouano cautioned Filipinos to be wary of using public Wi-Fi networks, which pose significant risks to personal data security. Logging into such networks could potentially expose individuals to various cyber threats, Ouano warned.

“Everyone should be scared,” he said because anyone is literally vulnerable to these hackers.

The discussion on cybersecurity awareness extends beyond personal defenses, as Ouano stressed the need for heightened vigilance among businesses and government offices.

Recent reports of Philippine government websites and social media pages being compromised underscore the urgency of the matter. Agencies like the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and Philippine Health Insurance Corp. were the latest agencies that had encountered data breach by hackers.

Ouano noted positive developments on the part of the Philippine government in response to these incidents. He observed increased awareness and proactive measures being taken to address cybersecurity exposures.

At present, he said their company is actively collaborating with key agencies such as the DOST, Department of Information and Communications Technology, and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to enhance the country’s cybersecurity mechanisms.

As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and proliferate, Ouano stressed the importance of collective action and ongoing vigilance in enhancing cybersecurity defenses.

He urged individuals, businesses, and government entities alike to prioritize cybersecurity measures to mitigate risks effectively.

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Philippine Cybersecurity: How the country beats digital threats

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