Up-and-Coming Visayan Artists Soar this 2024

The road to stardom is an arduous one, but Visayan artists have long risen up to the challenge. Although it comes as no surprise, the Philippines has always been known as a country of artists, especially singers. Combined with the resolution to be recognized and rigorous effort, it was only a matter of time until Filipinos gained billions of listeners worldwide, reaching the Billboard charts as fierce competitors.

With the songs they write and play from the heart, local Visayan music will continue to flourish and, one day, be celebrated around the globe.

Years have come and gone since the growth of Original Pinoy Music (OPM) acclaim. A steady flow of vocalists has since passed, yet this generation’s fervor has never faltered. This 2024 opens to the talents that deserve to be heard loud and clear. From the strum of a guitar up on center stage to the jazz that pervades an open bar, they are sure to entice listeners into their grasp.

Visayas, in particular, has perfected their people’s blend of pop, rhythm ‘n blues, and much more. In fact, some have taken the opportunity to showcase their smooth singing and instrumentals at music festivals like GADJA or September Fever: Music Talks. With these locals that enrapture their audience, it’s about time they are brought into the public eye, flashing the spotlight on their efforts.

Sway to the music of Mishael Maglente

Visayan Artists

Mishael Maglente sings to the crowd (Photo grabbed from Mishael Maglente’s Facebook account)

Developing his career on Youtube and other media platforms, it certainly shocked his followers to realize that the charismatic man that they watched turned out to be such a wonderful singer. Gaining support from his loyal fanbase, Mishael Maglente has continuously composed and sung his own songs, a feat that has raised him to the heights of success. 

Quite the 180 from his usual content, he posted the original song ‘Palangga’ in 2023, which has since then earned 720K views. A romantic ballad for his langga, the lyrics are unbelievably sweet, and the sentiment of what it means to yearn lingers within you.

Sing your heart out with Dixzie Cruel 

Visayan Artists

Dixzie Cruel with her guitar (Photo grabbed from Dixzie Cruel’s Facebook account)

Listening to the sweetheart that is Dixzie Cruel is a consequential pleasure. Shooting an arrow straight to your heart, she lures you in with the saccharine of her voice, entrapping you in a fantastical world of rose-colored tint. Her beauty lies in the imagery of her writing, placing you in the situations written along in her songs. 

Her 2022 single ‘4 U’ illustrates her vivid visualization well. She describes lighthearted scenarios with her partner, cherishing the glee that comes with the woes of romance. This is accompanied by her lovely vocals and instrumentals, emphasizing the softness of this perspective on love. 

Vibe to the sounds of Sepia Times

Visayan Artists

Sepia Times’ duo performs onstage (Photo grabbed from Sepia Times’ Facebook account)

Dreamy, alternative, and hypnotic—these are the traits that make up Sepia Times’ discography as a whole. It’s as if Elisha Ang and Luigi Balazo had teamed up to create a wind of emotions that take your breath away—even in the humble beginnings of their careers as the duo we have grown to love.

Choosing to go beyond the meaning of the alt-pop genre, they evoke a feeling of intimacy in their lyrics, showing their listeners a glimpse into the stories of a lifetime. Out by 2023, their latest song ‘Skyfall’ whisks you off into the clouds with its airy atmosphere, floating you up and above into a world unknown. Unique only to their own, it’s no wonder that people are dragged into the unfamiliar sensation of it all.

Be inspired with BELAMOUR’s music


BELAMOUR members pose for a photo (Photo grabbed from BELAMOUR’s Facebook account)

An aspiring girl group with dynamic women who embody a sense of femininity with a fierce edge, BELAMOUR is for those in search of confidence within themselves. Handling powerful voices and bold stage performances, their movement has inspired freedom and self-expression among many. 

Having only one song launched in 2023 as of now, ‘TARA NA’ is an upbeat anthem that ignites the flame within you, pushing you to persevere amidst the tough challenges you may face in your day-to-day.

Fall head over heels for Martin Taneo

Martin Taneo

Martin Taneo sings as he plays the guitar (Photo grabbed from Martin Taneo’s Facebook account)

It’s simply impossible not to swoon at the very sight of Martin Taneo. Clad with a guitar hung around his shoulder and a blinding smile, he is a man who has captured the hearts of those around him, tugging at their heartstrings with a melody and a certain charm. Belonging to a family that is fluent in the language of music, he loves it in the form of lyrical poetry and a warm tune akin to an embrace.

His most recent release in 2023, ‘Ari Lang Ka’ paints the scene of an infatuation for a person who is deemed to be out of his league. Holding a light tune throughout, the singer makes an attempt to persuade the leading lady into liking him despite his faults, which has also convinced listeners to fall in love.

Through the looming trials that these Visayan artists have overgone, they have not once forgotten how music can reflect their own identity. With the songs they write and play from the heart, local Visayan music will continue to flourish and, one day, be celebrated around the globe.


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