Creative sparks: Insights from Globe’s G Creator Con in Cebu

Cebu City was abuzz with creative energy as Globe Telecom brought G Creator Con last April 26, 2024, at the University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus. Attended by seasoned and aspiring content creators regardless of the platform, the whole-day affair featured carefully selected sets of speakers who passionately shared their journey and experiences on how they got to become the creators they are now.

We are excited to have brought G Creator Con to Cebu and, eventually, bring it to other regions. We continue to advocate for the self-discovery of passions while being one’s most authentic self in the creative spaces we provide.


Pia Gonzalez-Colby
Globe’s Chief Marketing Officer

Following its successful pilot in Metro Manila, Globe brings G Creator Con to Cebu, reaching more young Cebuano creatives, aspiring artists, content creators, and communities in the Visayas region.

Globe G Creator Con

The event was the perfect platform for creatives exploring content creation fields such as podcasting, cosplaying, game development, music production, and esports, offering opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

In today’s digital landscape, the proliferation of various online platforms has provided creators with myriad opportunities to showcase their talents. Globe’s G Creator Con not only encouraged young individuals to unleash their creativity but also envisioned itself as their partner in nurturing their passions. The event boasted an impressive lineup of speakers from Globe’s diverse technology partners and creator communities, aiming to enrich and inspire attendees.

Lessons from seasoned podcasters

G Creator Con

One type of digital content that is flourishing, not just in Cebu but also globally, is podcasting. A form of digital audio entertainment, podcasting is like an episodic radio show that features various topics, interviews, discussions, and educational and entertaining content. Listeners can download or stream it, and they are free to listen at any time.

Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, host of the popular podcast “Paano Ba ‘To,” gave tips to those starting or in the early stage of their podcast. Her message was to consume podcasts to understand the format, develop a workflow, and collaborate. She explained that collaboration benefits creators by fostering content and building a support network.

Mel Lozano, Head of Podcasts of Globe Group’s ANIMA Studios and producer of “Endslate,” echoed collaboration but with a practical twist. “Use your smartphone’s mic,” she urged. “It’s a powerful tool. Grab a pen, talk to each other, lay out your tracks using your editing tool, and that’s it, publish!”

Meanwhile, Jacob Maquiling and Lance Arevada of “Ganito Kasi’ Yan” emphasized having kwento na may kwenta. Arevada says, “Focus on that kwento na may kwenta because people will hear you more. They will resonate with that if you keep on sharing them.”

Navigating challenges in cosplay

G Creator Con

Cosplaying has been a popular hobby for many fans of fictional characters and, in recent years, has gained broader acceptance in the general Cebuano community. Cosplayers dress up in elaborate costumes, armor, and weapons of fictional characters from their favorite anime, video games, comic books, or even movies.

Despite the recent growth of the cosplaying community, cosplayers continue to encounter criticism and negativity. At the G Creator Con, esteemed cosplayers shared insights into coping with the challenges inherent in their craft.

“Just focus on your business. Remember that you have to rise in this career despite the criticism. It would help if you also learned everything and upgraded, especially in your craft. So, showcase your skills and give everything you have,” said Alexis Steve Cesa of Team Touken Kyuodai.

Bring game ideas to life

The world of gaming is booming, and Cebu is joining the wave! Many aspiring developers are finding a supportive environment to bring their game ideas to life. This surge is fueled by a growing local gaming community, a rise in accessible development tools, and increasing global demand for fresh gaming experience.

As part of creating video games, game development involves various skills, from programming and design to art and sound creation. Game developers brainstorm concepts, build the game’s mechanics and world, and combine everything to create a fun and engaging player experience.

Alvin Juban, Game Developers Association of the Philippines Chairman’s advice to the new generation of game developers is, “I hope if you do talk to your parents or know someone interested in going to our game development field, support that weird one.” He added, “Tell them there is a future in game development. Tell them it’s true.”

Consider a career in Esports

Esports have exploded in popularity, transforming competitive video gaming into a spectator sport with professional players, leagues, and tournaments. It’s not just about the glory of victory for players anymore; esports offer a wide range of career paths behind the scenes, from event management and coaching to content creation and marketing.

During G Creator Con, Icoy Rapadas, guest speaker in the Professional Careers in Gaming segment, said professionals from different fields can thrive in the gaming landscape. It is all about grabbing opportunities and making the best out of them.

He said, “Whatever you guys are doing now, whatever your course is, just try your best because you’re already here. You’re there. You’re already doing it. But don’t think whatever your course is will dictate what will happen in 10 years.”

Rapadas added, “Whatever you’re doing now could still lead to wherever you’re supposed to be. Whatever happens, do your best, and always value relationships. Because you don’t know when you’ll use it, be a kind person in general. That’s going to take you places.”

Being authentic in expressing yourself and building a community around your music


The moment for the Cebuano local music scene has come. Local talents are finding bigger audiences, thanks to the power of the internet, the rise of streaming platforms, and the support of brands like Globe, which allows artists to spread Bisdak music culture and express themselves to the world.

Music production is the art and science of creating recorded music. It encompasses everything from composing and songwriting to recording, editing, and mixing. Music producers wear many hats, shaping a song or album’s sound, style, and overall impact.

At the Bisdak Music Culture, Self Expression, and Authenticity in Music segment of G Creator Con, Gino Rosales of Mandaue Nights confessed that one of many creatives’ struggles is to adapt and stay relevant. That’s why building a community is essential for performing artists. “One part of being sustainable is to have a community you can share your struggles with,” said Karl Lucente, another Mandaue Nights member.

Finding your niche as a Cebuano content creator


G Creator Con resonated with the audience as it brought together Cebuano content creators from Bai TV, including David Cua, the Bisaya Conyo Girl, Pats Pinote, Patweck, Abby Medrina, and PJ Yu.

Cua’s message was clear: hit record. “Your biggest bottleneck is yourself,” he said. “The truth is, no one knows what they’re doing at the start.” Finding your niche was another critical point from him. “Figure out what you can do that not many other people can. Build everything up from there…Don’t be afraid to experiment. This is the Internet. Everything is one big experiment.”

Cua wrapped up the session with a dose of reality, telling the audience that success takes time. “It takes a lot of time to be an overnight sensation,” he said. “Many of your faves we’ve been trying for so long before they figured out what works. I guess delulu really is the solulu.”

G Creator Con: Globe’s vision for creative innovation

G Creator Con also featured other guest speakers from Anima Podcasts, ARCHcon, BAI TV, Cebu Making Space, DTI Design Center, Game Developers Association of the Philippines, Mandaue Nights, TikTok, and Tier One Entertainment.

“We are excited to have brought G Creator Con to Cebu and, eventually, bring it to other regions. We continue to advocate for the self-discovery of passions while being one’s most authentic self in the creative spaces we provide,” said Pia Gonzalez-Colby, Globe’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“We want to inspire more Filipinos, especially the youth, to find and freely explore what ignites them from inside out,” she added.

G Creator Con Cebu was about inspiration and giving aspiring creators the tools and confidence to succeed online. By fostering a community built on shared experiences and practical advice, Globe’s Cebu event sparked promises to empower Visayan content creators for years to come. So, unleash your creativity and Go Lang Nang Go!



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