A crystal milestone: 15 remarkable years of the PANAta Awards

Fifteen years ago, a vision was born within the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA). It was a vision to honor advertising campaigns, realizing the profound impact brands have on consumers and society in general. And so, the PANAta Awards came into being,  igniting a legacy of brand excellence that continues to shine brightly today. That was in 2009  when the first PANAta Awards was launched, celebrating the exemplary values shown in marketing communications.  

PANAta Awards

Since then, with a consistent annual celebration, the PANAta Awards has evolved into a beacon of inspiration for the advertising industry. In 2014, a significant milestone was reached when the  PANAta Awards was relaunched as the Marketing Effectiveness Awards. This move underscored a pivotal shift, emphasizing the crucial role of measurable impact and return on investment in advertising endeavors, setting a new standard of excellence for the industry to aspire to. 

PANAta Awards

Over the years, the PANAta Awards has adapted to the changing landscape of advertising,  embracing new technologies, and trends while staying true to its core values. From recognizing outstanding campaigns to honoring brands that have made a palpable difference in people’s lives, the PANAta Awards has become synonymous with excellence in brand communication. 

But the journey didn’t stop there. In 2018, the PANAta Awards embarked on another transformation,  overhauling its categories to align more closely with the evolving landscape of the industry. This included  the introduction of exciting new categories like the BRAND BUILDER and the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS,  reflecting our commitment to staying ahead of the curve. This time, portions were designed to engage netizens and consumers, inviting them to vote for their favorite brands. The trophy was also redesigned to be more iconic. The introduction of the “haligi” (pillar) trophy was utilized to  symbolize a brand’s steadfast leadership and visionary spirit.

PANAta Awards

The PANAta Awards has also been quick to respond to challenges, such as the global pandemic.  In 2020, despite uncertainties, PANAta Awards emerged as the only award-giving body in the  industry to push through with a virtual event, uplifting the spirit of the industry. It introduced the  GAWAD PANDAYON Categories to honor brands that demonstrated resilience and made a positive difference during difficult times. 

PANAta Awards

And the recognition of excellence continues to grow. In 2021, Mariel Chavez of Procter & Gamble  Philippines made history as the first-ever recipient of the BRAND BUILDER OF THE YEAR Award,  showcasing the power of impactful campaigns to drive meaningful change. In 2023, they had their first entry to the esteemed World Federation of Advertisers’ Global Marketer of the Year Awards with Chrissy Roa from Ayala Land who bagged the award for PANAta Brand Builder of the Year. This marked a significant achievement for the brand builders’ community. 

Looking ahead, now PANAta Brand Effectiveness Awards remains committed to its mission of celebrating effectiveness in brand communication. As it enters its 15th year, the PANAta Brand  Effectiveness Awards stands as a testament to the excellence, innovation, and dedication of the advertising industry in the Philippines. 

So, here’s to 15 years of brilliance, creativity, and effectiveness. Here’s to the PANAta Brand  Effectiveness Awards, a legacy of brand excellence that continues to inspire and elevate the advertising industry to new heights. 

PANAta Brand Effectiveness Awards call for entries begins this April. Don’t miss your chance to  submit your best work and become a contender for this year’s crystal celebration. Follow PANA  Facebook page or visit for updates. 

This event is made possible by The Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA)

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