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Marigold Lebumfacil: A woman in community development and empowerment

By: - May 06, 2024

Today more than ever, women are breaking stereotypes and boundaries. Going beyond perceived traditional roles, women are more immersed in building resilient communities and uplifting individuals, all the while intensifying the push for a more inclusive, diverse, and gender equal society. They flourish in different fields like never before — a true testament to women empowerment.

Behind this smiling and happy woman is a woman who has been resilient through all life’s obstacles and continues to strive for a better future.


Marigold Lebumfacil
Reputation and Stakeholder Management Operations Specialist of Therma Visayas, Inc. (TVI)

An empowered woman in her own right, Marigold Lebumfacil embodies the qualities of a true leader in her field. As a Reputation and Stakeholder Management Operations Specialist of Therma Visayas, Inc. (TVI), a subsidiary of AboitizPower, she has shown competence and has established lasting relationships with TVI’s community stakeholders.

Marigold Lebumfacil

Marigold Lebumfacil

But that’s only one of the many successful roles she plays. Outside work, Marigold takes on responsibilities not known by a lot of people. 

A story of resilience and experience

Marigold Lebumfacil

Child Development Center in Cabitoonan, Toledo City

“I am a woman who will always hug you when you are sad, stay with you to make you feel better, and make you laugh to cheer you up. I care deeply, regardless of the situation,” Marigold shared. 

“My life is brightened by my children, family, and friends, who provide constant support and joy. As a mother, I am blessed with amazing, wonderful, adorable children who are protective and love me wholeheartedly.”

Despite her positivity, Marigold acknowledges the resilience required behind the scenes. 

“Behind this smiling and happy woman is a woman who has been resilient through all life’s obstacles and continues to strive for a better future,” she revealed.

Before she worked for TVI, Marigold’s identity was shaped by her previous passions. Her journey as a beauty queen was unexpected, starting in college when a professor encouraged her to enter a pageant. Winning titles such as  Miss CNU Catwalk 2005 and Miss Toledo Independence 2008 opened numerous doors for her, including Miss Cebu 2006. Today, she mentors young women in pageantry, offering Q&A coaching and personality development mentorship.

Marigold was also a former journalist. Her career in writing began in college as a sports correspondent. She eventually expanded to cover entertainment and major news. Her motivation to write was the then Sports Editor of The Freeman, Emmanuel Villaruel, who believed in her writing skills. 

“Interviewing both local and international celebrities and covering significant events was incredibly fulfilling,” she recalled.

Now, as a mother, Marigold is proud of raising her two children, Sophia Isabelle and Calyx Apollo De La Rama. 

“My world revolves around them, and I strive to be present for every significant moment in their lives,” she said.

Uplifting others

With almost nine years of experience as a Community Development practitioner, she has been actively involved in partnering with local communities, government, and other stakeholders in developing communities through corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

“You wouldn’t typically think of women in the power industry, and maybe not even women out in the field,” she said. “That is why empowering women is essential. They are a crucial part of developing families, communities, and countries. When women are living safe, fulfilled, and productive lives, they can reach their full potential.”

Marigold Lebumfacil

Marigold Lebumfacil

Elevate AIDA Program beneficiaries

“Every day, we have many challenges, but I see to it that I demonstrate resilience by staying focused, motivated, and determined. Thinking and using innovative approaches to tackle the problem and achieve a positive outcome,” she added.

Marigold works in a company that values meritocracy, or where one is assessed by one’s skills and capabilities. Living up to that belief, she is tackling the issue of male-dominance in tech-related fields by advocating for women empowerment through Elevate AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Data Annotation), a partnership with social enterprise Connected Women. 

The project is about creating a livelihood program that capacitates women from host and impact communities in data annotation, A.I., data clean-up, and sentiment analysis, among others. Once upskilled, these women become more competitive and technically competent to undertake, at the onset, stay-at-home jobs offered by the partner organizations.

“It (Elevate AIDA) is something I take much pride in. Not only because I am the project implementer for TVI but even more so because of the women in our host and impact communities that it empowers,” Marigold shared.

To date, sixty-one Toledanas from different Barangays — including Bato, Cabitoonan, and Awihao — successfully completed the pilot program of Elevate AIDA. The roster of graduates consists of a diverse group of full-time moms and high school graduates who are now working or seeking job opportunities.


Marigold Lebumfacil with Committee on Health Chairwoman Janeth Cereno in Bato, Toledo City.

In fostering an environment where everyone can thrive, Marigold, TVI, and AboitizPower continue to champion women empowerment by recognizing how women can fill big shoes in society. Letting them flourish in a healthy work culture can lead to tremendous positive changes to many lives, as Marigold has exemplified.

Looking at other social issues, Marigold looks forward to more prospects of implementing other CSR programs along with AboitizPower and Aboitiz Foundation, particularly those focusing on education, health, livelihood, and environment.



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