Netizens divided on divorce in the Philippines

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Marriage in the Philippines goes beyond just signatures on papers for records.

Marriage in the Philippines is seen as something sacred, especially when it is done in front of the altar of a Church and in front of the closest people in your lives.

Sometimes, though, some marriages become toxic as years pass. Then this leads to the unhealthy breaking up of families, causing trauma to everyone involved.

The Philippines is one of only two Catholic nations, along with Vatican City, that do not allow divorce. Recently, the House of Representatives approved a bill legalizing divorce on its third and final reading. The bill will now move to the Senate for further discussion about its prospects.


Divorce bill okayed by House: ‘It’s not a monster’

Forwarding of divorce bill to Senate deferred

CDN Digital asked our Siloys on their take about the possibility of divorce to be legalized in the Philippines.

Here are some of their answers:


Some netizens expressed their support on legalizing divorce. They think that times have changed and that not all marriages can be saved by the mere fact of staying together.

But there were also some who expressed that getting married is a life-long commitment and that everyone who gets married are sure of their partners.

The issue of divorce in the Philippines will surely be something to talk about in the next couple of days. Some may express their dismay to the possibility of legalization of divorce in the Philippines, while others may express support.

What are your thoughts about this ka Siloy?

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