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FACES OF CEBU: Roger Garcia Jr., proud father of LGBTQA member

CEBU CITY, Philippines— As a parent, it is safe to say that you know your children better than anyone else.

Roger Garcia Jr., 58, knew that his son had something special in him during his childhood years.

Roger is the proud father of Cebuano marathoner, LGBTQA advocate, and Mr. Fahrenheit 2019 first runner-up, Kevin Garcia.

Kevin showed skills and talents early on, leading Roger and his wife to realize that their son was a member of the LGBTQA community.


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“His mom and I had a little conversation about him when he was a kid. We thought that 80% of LGBT members are skillful, talented, and successful if given the support and nurture they need. From that moment, it was unspoken, and we saw him as equal with all our other kids,” Roger said.

Growing up, Kevin was one of the lucky ones who had the support of his family as a member of this colorful community.

Roger and Kevin Garcia

Kevin with his father, Roger during his earlier years as a marathoner.

Roger chose to be a safe person for his son and wholeheartedly accepted his son’s happiness instead of making it harder for him to come out.

“As parents, we just knew. He’s an achiever and carries himself with grit and passion, which makes me feel at ease,” Roger added.

Coming out

Kevin shared with CDN Digital that his relationship with his father is one of the many blessings he cherishes the most.

“I’m one of the few LGBT members in the world who was blessed to have the parents I have,” Kevin said.

Kevin never had to go through the awkward and hard conversation with his parents about his sexuality—another blessing he is very thankful for.

“It all felt like everything was falling into place in peace. But of course, all those did not come without my own share of personal struggles. In the 90s, growing up gay, you were cat called many names, bullied for being on the feminine side, and told to pray more as if being gay was a religious affair. When I finally felt that the unspoken discussion about my identity in the family was no hindrance to me being a good son and kuya, that’s when I felt more like myself,” he said.

Message to parents of LGBTQA children

“Dili angay ikauwaw nga aduna kay anak nga LGBT parehas ra sila ug ordinaryong taw susama nato nga nagpuyo ug nanginabuhi alang sa atong pamilya. Imbis imong ikauwaw, angayan pa nimong ipasegarbo tungod sa ilahang kapabilidad. So kamong mga igsuon, uyuan, iyaan ug labi na mga ginikanan, ayaw ninyo ikauwaw ug naay myembro sa inyong pamilya nga LGBT. Dawata sila, hangopa, pag paka ginikanan.”

Roger has not only shown his support for Kevin by accepting him but has also been there in every project of Kevin.

Father and son, Roger and Kevin Garcia

Father and son, Roger and Kevin Garcia.

From charity events to pageants, he was present all the way.

Roger’s message to his son

“We’re so proud of how he is now, and we know that he will help more and more people within the LGBT community.”

This story of Roger and Kevin not only inspires us but also reminds us that a family’s bond should be greater than what society dictates.

Happy Pride to all the members of this wonderful and colorful community! And Happy Father’s Day to all proud dads out there, especially to Mr. Roger Garcia!

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