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FACES OF CEBU: Zeke Abella, 19, Rising Tiktok Content Creator

CONSOLACION, Cebu—In a world of fleeting fame and countless TikTok videos, rising Tiktok creator Zeke Abella stands out—not just for his humor shared with people online, but also for the passion that drives his love for making people laugh, one funny video at a time.

Who is Zeke Abella?

Zeke Abella, 19, is a content creator from Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. In May 2024, he graduated from senior high school at one of the biggest universities in Cebu City.

In an interview with CDN Digital, Zeke shared that his family was originally from Davao, but decided to transfer to Cebu City during the pandemic back in 2020. During that transition, he started his small video gimmicks online.

Growing up, Zeke had an imaginative mind. On rainy days or when boredom kept him indoors, he would stay in his room, dreaming up interesting scenarios to keep himself entertained.

Looking back, he realizes those moments sparked the creativity behind his comedic skits today.

“Siguro tungod sakong pag ka imaginative and overthinker since pag kabata nangita lang kog “area” na i think nindot didto ibuga ang akong pagka overthinker ug imaginative which is comedy skits…,”

Young Zeke Abella

Young Zeke Abella flashes a “wacky” smile while Mommy Jasmine takes him for a spin at a mall in Davao City, 2014. | Contributed Photos

‘Internetan Series’

Like the kids born in the newer generation, Zeke found his niche in navigating the Internet, specifically social media. In 2021, he got his first major push to popularity in social media when his “Internetan Series” on Tiktok went viral.

Zeke playfully portrays characters inspired by common Filipinos we meet in and out of our local “Internetan,” and netizens deeply relate to his funny yet nostalgic sentiments.

@zekeabella12IM THE KING OF INTERNETAN SERIES!!♬ original sound – krazeke – Zeke Abella

With his growing engagement and followers, Zeke was inspired to create more comedic skits on TikTok. He produced several more pieces of content that tickled his followers’ funny bone.

According to Zeke, among the series he created, his Omegle series and the Tiktok Live series truly ignited his passion, where he would interview strangers through the website Omegle or join random live broadcasts by Tiktok creators and spark conversations, often leading to laughable ones.

@zekeabella12sad story :((♬ original sound – Zeke Abella

“Natural rajud and organic ang mga happenings pure good vibes ug kakulitan,” Zeke said.

Before his skits gained traction online, Zeke Abella was continuously releasing original music content as early as 2020. He uploads his music, both original creations and covers of famous songs by international artists, on YouTube and, recently, also on Spotify.

This proves that Zeke had an artistic soul all along. Eventually, he figured out how to nurture it and what to make of it.

Part of the journey

Alongside Zeke’s breakthrough on social media came a new lifestyle he had to adapt to. What began in the confines of Zeke’s bedroom soon became a reality as people started recognizing him on the streets.

“Daghan na maka recognize nako when mulakaw ko, which still shocks me until now,” Zeke shared.

However, amidst his newfound fame, Zeke admitted that losing touch with people he knew before TikTok became inevitable. He accepted it as part of the journey.

Zeke Abella, 19, Tiktok Content Creator |

Zeke Abella, 19, Tiktok Content Creator | Photo from his IG: zeekui

“Frankly speaking, sa akong mga friends pud before sa tiktok na notice napud nako na naa nasad mi kanya kanyang interests ug priorities sa kinabuhi so panagsa nalang jud mi mag bonding.”

Nevertheless, one of the many positive outcomes he gained from his TikTok journey was regaining his courage and confidence, for which he is very thankful.

“Na-change ako life in terms of (confidence) to express kung kinsa ko kay naay maka-appreciate na daghan tao.”

Zeke Abella’s support system

Being funny and being described as an “easy breezy” is somewhat innate for Zeke, and why wouldn’t it be? If he’s surrounded by a family who always gets a laugh out of him, leaving trails of smiles wherever he goes, and now sharing it with people online.

Growing up, Zeke was surrounded by a strong support system, including his Mama Jasmine, his Papa Ryan, Lola Ely, Uncle Tom, and his Ate Fiona. He shared with CDN Digital how these amazing individuals shaped him into what he is today.

Zeke Abella with his family

Zeke Abella with his family as his support system throughout his life and journey toward Content Creating | Contributed Photos

During the brief interview, Zeke also shared that he grew up in a ‘co-parenting arrangement,’ with his mother and father separated but still raising him and his siblings in their own ways.

Even though his family is deemed unconventional, he assures that his relatives, from his mother’s and father’s sides, have always ensured that he is surrounded with the love and support he and his siblings deserve.

“Although naa may lapses but atleast naningkamot gihapon sila to be a parent,” Zeke said.

Zeke also mentioned the role his Uncle Tom played in his life while growing up, saying how his uncle changed his perspective in seeing life as it is.

“Akong Uncle Tom usa sa mga tao na ni guide sakoa karun ni help pud sa mga mindset nako sa kinabuhi.”

 Zeke Abella

Plans in content creation

After graduating from senior high school, Zeke wants to continue his studies and pursue a degree in Mass Communications. He is most excited about this because he is sincere about following his career as a content creator. Here, he will learn the ins and outs of social media and get the right education in content creation.

“I can see myself pursuing content creation on TikTok and hopefully sa uban pang mga medium because love gyud nako ang concept sa content creation,” mentioned Zeke.

If given the opportunity, Zeke also wants to venture into the world of film-making. He shares how he is interested in exploring some film formats gaining popularity today, like short skits from Saturday Night Live (SNL) and sketch comedy setups similar to Key and Peele.

But as of now, his top goals in life are to become healthier and always be on the lookout for the freshest idea to incorporate into his comedic skits, proving how much he treasures his career now and wants to grow and learn from it, too.

“Paningkamotan na ma ampingan nako akong career ug mga maka bless pa ug makapakatawa makapalipay pag daghan tao.”

Zeke Abella, Tiktok Content Creator

Zeke Abella, Tiktok Content Creator | Photo from IG: zeekui

Looking back on his journey, Zeke expressed gratitude for his choices, whether on impulse or after days of thinking. These decisions allowed him to learn, bit by bit, the mechanisms he needed to understand for content creation.

And his message for those who want to create content? Find yourself amidst all the videos you have been digesting online, he says. Create something unique to yourself only, and your creativity will flow ten times better with that, he adds.

“Be yourself ayaw mog kahadlok mu explore sa (inyong) sarili… Once makakuha nakag traction AMPINGI PLEASE,” Zeke said.

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