Why are millennials waiting longer to say “I do”?

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Has the idea of marriage become less of a priority for most of the millennials?

Studies show that the younger generations prefer to wait longer before they decide to finally tie the knot.  But it remains unclear why they decide to hold off on marriage.

Afraid of commitments, maybe?

But there are those who say that they have other priorities while others just want to be careful in making their life choices.

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With this, parents will now have to wait a little longer for their sons or daughters to finally decide to say “I do” for them to also see their apos.

In the past, everything was simple.  Boy meets girl and they hang out to spend time and get to know each other. If they start to develop emotional attachment, then everything becomes history.

But its different now.

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The younger generations tend to just enjoy the company of their partners and prefer to wait a little longer before saying “I do.”

According to Pew Research Center:

“More than half of Millennials are not married, and those who are got married later in life. A majority of Millennials are not currently married, marking a significant change from past generations. Only 44% of Millennials were married in 2019, compared with 53% of Gen Xers, 61% of Boomers, and 81% of Silents at a comparable age.”

Why are the younger generations taking their sweet time to get married?

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Career Goals First:

Before walking down the aisle, many young professionals are choosing to climb the career ladder, first. This is a way for them to secure their identities in their careers. Doing so much for work before having a family can be a wise thing to do.

Traveling Matters:

With the advent of social media and the stresses of life, young people are keen on seeing the world, one backpack at a time. It’s like they are creating memories for themselves before creating new ones with their life partners.

Why are millennials waiting longer to say "I do"?

Finding the Perfect Match:

Why settle for what’s in front of you when you can wait for what’s worth it? The quest for a partner who checks all the boxes—shared interests, life goals, and that magical spark—takes time, and that’s perfectly okay! Lucky are those who find their matches in one snap, but for those who are still waiting, hang in there, life is not a race.

Self-Discovery Journey:

Before sharing life with someone else, today’s youth are investing in self-discovery. They are more focused on knowing who they are first, having their own sense of identity, and not wanting to lose it even after tying the knot. It’s all about being the best version of oneself.

Why are millennials waiting longer to say "I do"?

Redefining Relationships:

Gone are the days of following a one-size-fits-all relationship model. Marriage is no longer the only way to a committed, loving relationship. The rulebook is being rewritten! Younger generations are painting marriage with a new look. For them, marriage should not feel like an endgame, but rather, a new beginning and a new adventure. No to controlling your partners.

Financial Freedom:

Being debt-free before saying “I do” is the new mantra. With loans that needed to be paid off, credit card debts, and the high cost of living, many are focusing on achieving financial freedom first. It’s easier to build a life together when you’re not bogged down by financial stress. Having your own savings is a thing now too.

Times have changed.  And the millennials are doing it differently. But don’t get them wrong, marriage is still on their cards. It’s just that this bunch might want to take it slow before saying “I do.”

The decision to get married has no timeline or deadline.  And it is always better to wait for the right one rather than wed the wrong one.


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