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Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Signature Six

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Signature Six: (clockwise) Silk Road Iced Coffee, Mango Cheesecake, Adobo, Earl Grape Iced Tea, Ensaimadas, and Malicious Cookies.

MARCO Polo Plaza prides itself in being known for serving the best food in town and through the years, regular guests have helped them come up with their Signature Six.

The Signature Six comprises of guest favorites, best-sellers, and hotel-wide signature items. These are the Adobo, Mango Cheesecake, Ensaimadas, Silk Road Iced Coffee, Earl Grape Iced Tea and Malicious Cookies.

Head into Café Marco’s Adobo Corner and discover a variety of Adobo dishes from pork, chicken, seafood or vegetables marinated in vinegar, soy sauce and garlic.

At the Lobby Lounge, enjoy the sweet, fluffy and extra cheesy Ensaimadas that are perfect for both merienda and pasalubong. Choose from its three delicious flavors: plain, ube, and mango.

Take a bite of Mango Cheesecake topped with luscious Cebu mangoes and a crust of crushed chocolate chip cookies.

With its multiple recognitions and awards, the award-winning Malicious Cookies is indeed an all-time favorite dessert. These chocolate chip cookies will surely make your day maliciously good!

The meticulously prepared Earl Grape Iced Tea is concocted from a combination of elderflower syrup, earl grey tea, and seedless green grapes. It is served with a freshly baked lokum that accentuates the various flavors of this drink.

The Silk Road Iced Coffee is a blended iced frappuccino created from overnight-infused coffee, flavored with cinnamon syrup and milk, topped with marshmallow and Italian meringues. This is paired with Cinnamon S‘mores that is warmed to perfection.

Discover Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Signature Six and give in to these delectable pleasures, available at the hotel’s dining outlets. For inquiries and reservations, call 253-1111 or email [email protected]. Visit the website at /PR

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