These K-pop stars love OPM

Korean rock band J-Morning and solo artist Byeolsarang visit Cebu to meet fans and perform at the Cebu Cover Gayo Awards last Sunday, December 17. From left: Jihoon, Jarming, Aengdoo, Byeolsarang (solo singer), and Deokju (CDN PHOTO/LITO TECSON)

WHAT makes the K-pop group J Morning and solo artist Byeolsarang different from other K-pop artists?

They are all lovers of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) and are even familiar with some contemporary Cebuano songs.

In fact during a recent visit to Cebu Daily News for a Facebook live session, they sung Jacky Chang’s popular hit song, “Atik Ra.”

Byeolsarang, a solo artist, and J Morning, one of Korea’s hottest rock bands, are under the same company—KMB.

Since it was their first time to visit Cebu, the Korean artists said they were excited to meet their Cebuano fans.

Byeolsarang said she really wanted to visit Tagaytay, but she also liked to explore Cebu because she has heard many beautiful things about the island.

“We are a little bit nervous, but we’re very happy now,” said Aengdoo, J Morning’s group leader.

J Morning—which is composed of Aengdoo (main vocalist and violinist), Jarming (vocalist), J-mick (lead guitarist and musical arranger), Deokju (guitarist) and Jihoon (DJ and bassist)—made it to the grand finals of ABS-CBN’s “I Love OPM” last April 2016 together with three non-Filipino artists.

Although unable to bag the title as the first Grand Touristar, J Morning has since continued to create music not only for their Korean fans but for their Filipino supporters as well.

“When we first came to the Philippines, we sang ‘Anak’ (by Freddie Aguilar). The song is so touching. When I sang it, I cried and the audience also cried. I really love OPM more than K-pop,” said Aengdoo.  “Maybe five years later, I will live in the Philippines. We really love the Philippines,” she added.

J Morning members (from right) Jihoon, Jarming, Aengdoo and Deokju. (CDN PHOTO/LITO TECSON)


This is the first time Byeolsarang visited the country, but J Morning has been in the Philippines in 2012 performing mostly for Filipino K-pop fans.

Having covered various popular Filipino songs like “Pusong Bato,” “Boom Panes,” “Bulag, Pipi, at Bingi,” “Anak” and “Ikaw,” the group won over the hearts of more Filipino supporters.

“The Philippines has a special place in our hearts. Our Filipino fans always give (us) love and support. And the Philippines is a country of happiness,” Aengdoo said.

Apart from the warm welcome they received from their Filipino fans, the artists also looked forward to sampling some Filipino dishes.

“We all love Filipino food. I like buko pie, pichi-pichi, and adobo. And we really want to try Cebu lechon,” Aengdoo said.  “But above all, chicken in Jollibee is our most favorite,” Jarming added, laughing.

Korean rock band, J Morning with solo artist Byeolsarang (CDN PHOTO/LITO TECSON)


The J Morning members gamely answered when asked about their Filipino celebrity crushes.

Aengdoo said she has a crush on Hashtag member Zeus Collins, who she met during their stint with “I Love OPM.”

“That is a secret but Zeus is really good at dancing,” she said.

The band’s DJ Jihoon said he admires actress/host Anne Curtis.

“Anne is already married. Sayang!” he said.

On the other hand, Deokju was teased by the other members because of his immense love for K-Pop girl group Twice.

He and Jarming even danced to the group’s hit song “Cheer Up.”

J Morning and Byeolsarang were in Cebu as main guests for the third Cebu Cover Gayo Awards held yesterday at Plaza Independencia. Tomorrow, they will be in Bohol for a fan meeting.

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