5 reasons why one-piece swimsuits are my summer must-haves

Marks & Spencer secret slimming zip-up swimsuit

I GET asked a lot where I buy my one-piece swimsuits so I thought it best to dedicate a whole article about these mommy-friendly one-piece wonders!

But before we dig into details, sharing with you five reasons why I love my one-piece swimsuits and why I’d choose them over my bikinis any time.

Don’t get me wrong—I love my two-piece bikinis, too, and I still have a few favorites left from when I was still crazy about them; but times have changed and circumstances now are very different.

I cannot imagine myself running after a high-spirited five-year-old in a string bikini, or teach her how to swim in a bandeau top.

Swimsuit blunders are the last thing you need when you’re with a preschooler or, you know, when you’re at the beach in general.

1. One-piece bathers or maillots effectively hide trouble areas.

Whether you’re worried about your heavy lunch or still working on losing that belly pooch, one-piece swimsuits got you covered—both literally and figuratively.

2. They give the word “sexy” a whole different meaning.

Less is always more.

Showing less skin in a maillot is as sexy as when you’re in your string bikini.

There are a lot of styles out there, all you need to do is figure out your best areas and flaunt them.

Forever 21 swimsuit

Whether you go for side cutouts, a plunging neckline or a low-back piece, you are sure to find one that fits your personality and style without flaunting too much.

3. They are versatile and sophisticated. Yes, they are versatile—perfect transitional piece for all your beach outings.

Dress them down with linen pants or high-waist shorts for a fun and laid-back afternoon or go beachside glam with a kaftan or a kimono robe cover-up.

Either way, you are sure to sizzle and turn heads without baring too much skin.

4. They are very, very comfortable. I cannot stress this enough.

They are fit for active play, and by active play I mean, running around with your toddler or preschooler without having to worry about your top falling off.

My husband and I always make it a point to make all our beach trips about our daughter Vania.

Sure, I get to do a little blogger duty while we’re at it but that’s just a tenth of it all—we spend the better part of our trip teaching Vania how to swim, frolic in the sand, whip out our floaters and just be.

So, yes, I could use a little support and a whole lot of coverage to be able to do all these!

5. They look good on just about everyone. Whether you are pear-shaped, busty, flat-chested, petite, lean column or hourglass, this universally flattering swimwear is right for everyone—you just need to find the right style for you.


If you’re flat-chested, go for a V-style or plunging cut. This gives the illusion of fuller-looking chest.

If you’re busty, find a swimwear with good support. The underwire is your BFF.

Cotton On swimsuit

If you’re a lean column, then cutouts are for you—side cutouts or even keyhole cutouts create curves and play up your midsection.

If you’re petite, high-cut swimsuits give the illusion of longer legs and a strapless piece draws attention to your décolletage and shows just the right amount of skin that opens up the chest area.

For pear-shaped girls, a halter, color-blocking swimwear with belt design draws attention to your waist—creating yet again the illusion of curves.

No matter what body type you have, always remember to get the perfect-fitting swimwear.

Nothing is more annoying than a suit that is too tight or too loose—tugging, pulling, and fixing takes a whole lot of effort and they sure take away all the fun from your beach experience.

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