No PUBG or ROS, no chicken dinner

TRY as I might, there was no “winner, winner, chicken dinner” for me as I failed to download the mobile version of either Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) or Rules of Survival (ROS) into my budget smartphone.

That’s because both PUBG and ROS which originated from console and PC and were ported into IOS and Android by Chinese developers TenCent Games and NetEase Games respectively, packs in sizable MB and GB storage.

The Google Playstore version of PUBG carries 696 MB of storage and for those with limited space on their mobile devices, it can only be downloaded and played through WiFi.

The same thing goes for ROS which packs in close to 1 GB of storage which means, as I specified in my online feature of the games, that one has to have at least 32 GB of storage, substantial processing power and strong WiFi connection on their mobile devices to play and fully enjoy the gaming experience.

That said, those suffering from vertigo may want to choose the third person rather than the first person perspective if he or she is determined to grind it through against 99 other players including friends whom they managed to get to play with them.

With no storyline other than a shoot-’em-up last person standing element, PUBG and ROS are best enjoyed with like-minded friends who don’t mind spending hours playing them.

For those who want to play a similar game without losing too much storage and less demanding graphics, old favorites like the Dead Trigger series and N.O.V.A Legacy are suitable replacements.

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