Chef Daniel Quintero welcomes guests to the 2nd volume of his dinner series


SHANGRI-LA’S Mactan Resort & Spa’s Spanish Executive Sous Chef Daniel Quintero shares his experiences where he has worked along the most recognizable names in some of the greatest Michelin-starred restaurants in the world through.

The Culinary Guide with five volumes: Catalonia, Valencia, Basque Country, England and Scandinavia and Germany, which promises to be a finely crafted tribute to the gastronomic excellence of these places, allowing diners to pamper their palates with Michelin star quality.

The port city of Valencia lies in Spain’s Southeastern coast.

Valencia is the third largest city after Madrid and Barcelona and is famous for its gastronomic culture.

First Course— Foie Gras Cuba Libre, Lemon, Cola and Wild Rocket Salad

The city is the birthplace of Paella, a rice dish we all know as Paella Valenciana.

The Valencian term “paella” is derived from old French word “paelle,” which means pan.

Chef Daniel Quintero worked and trained under one of the new leaders of avante-garde cuisine in Spain, Chef Quique Dacosta, in the charming El Poblet, a Michelin starred restaurant by the beach, in the tradition of his eponymous Three Star Michelin starred Denia in Alicante.

Dinner hosted by GM Rene Egle at the resort’s Cowrie Cove was an exquisite four-course menu. Chef Daniel presented each course, giving a brief background of his refined creations.

I waited in eager anticipation as Dr. L. Riesling 2015 from Mosel, Germany was being poured.

My favorite Riesling is made from a white grape variety from the Rhine Region with fruity flavors, floral aromas, balanced acidity and refreshing crispness.

The appetizer was a fantastic combination of flavors: Foie Gras Cuba Libre (rum and coke) with Lemon Granite, Cola and Wild Rocket or arugula Salad.

Goose liver or foie gras was blended into gelatin with flavors of coke and rum, unbelievably appetizing, with the strong flavors balanced by the lemon granite and dainty crunch of the baby leaves.

I imagined being transported to Valencia and enjoying the second course in El Poblet, the Suquet from El Poblet, Grouper with Lobster, Saffron and Chorizo.

Chef Quintero in his thick Spanish accent explained that suquet is a typical sauce or juice in coastal areas originally created by fisherman.

He recreated El Poblet’s suquet for the fresh grouper, lobster enhanced with saffron and the right saltiness of the chorizo. Suquet has an intense flavor rendered by fish and saffron, a perfect match for the fresh grouper and lobster.

A glass of Australian chardonnay complemented the dish.

2nd Course—Suquet from el Poblet, Grouper with Lobster, Saffron and Chorizo

The third course, was Grilled Mediterranean Lamb served with Manchego Cheese Croquette, Piperade, Broccoli jus and Almond Aioli.

The Manchego cheese croquette was delicately crisp and so moist inside.

The piperade is a typical Basque dish prepared with onion, green pepper and tomatoes, sautéed and flavored with espellete pepper, which added taste to the tender lamb.

Valencia is famous for fruits, and the most popular that we know of are the Valencia oranges.

Chef Daniel created a refreshing Orange Salad in EVOO Soup with honey, Vanilla Ice cream on a bed of pine nuts and Financier cake cubes.

A glass of Moscato made from muscat blanc grapes, sealed our contended palates with flavors of peaches and orange blossoms.

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