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LEAVING home is hard for everyone, most especially pet owners. While it’s ideal for pet owners to look out for their furry pals to in every step of the way, sometimes this is not the case. On
occasions where the owners have to attend for business or for personal matters, there are instances that pets are best left in their homes.

Lucky for them, pet sitters are available to ensure dogs or cats receive the proper care even when their owner is on travel. Pet owners can get pet sitting service right at their doorstep with just a simple call or a click online. However, pet owners must realize that it takes planning and screening to decide who they will entrust their beloved pets to.

Finding the perfect pet sitter for one’s pet can be hard and tricky. While one can choose to ask a close family relative or neighbor to do the job, there are a few basic steps the owners can follow to ensure that their beloved companion will be taken care of while they are away.

As an organization that is committed to educating Filipino pet owners on responsible pet ownership, the Pet Food Institute (PFI) shares three steps on how pet owners can find the right pet sitter.
1. Plan ahead.

Finding the perfect pet sitter requires time and pet owners should not rush this process. Starting early gives owners ample time to consult veterinarians and other pet owners
for a reliable pet sitter. As a way to kick-start the planning, owners must identify the key qualities a pet sitter should possess that should complement well with the pet’s traits and behavior.

Amongst other specific qualities, perhaps the two most important traits a pet sitter should have are trustworthiness and accountability. A pet sitter should be trustworthy enough for the owner to delegate all the pet responsibilities. For instance, a pet sitter should ensure that the pet will not be neglected and receive the proper care. At the same time, the pet sitter must embrace full responsibility in ensuring the pet is getting its right amount of nutrition in their meals, exercise, grooming, and of course, tender loving care. A pet sitter with formal training in handling emergency pet care is a great plus, too, which is why it is important for pet owners to plan ahead to see which one meets all the criteria and is best suited for their pet.

2. Recognize the pet’s needs.
Pet owners must take into account the needs of their pets in order to find a pet sitter that could cater to such needs. Different animals require specific needs; some pets need a lot of attention, others require regular exercise while a handful have dietary restrictions.

It is important for pet sitters to be aware of these requirements in order to fulfill each of them. A pet sitter who can properly address these conditions reassure pet owners that their beloved pets are safe and well taken care of while they are away. Pet owners can also take the proper steps, such as leaving detailed feeding instructions and guidelines as to appropriate exercise.

3. Meet and greet.

Before hiring a pet sitter, owners must ensure that the sitter gets along with their pets by scheduling a meet and greet. This allows the owner to see if both the sitter and their furry pal are comfortable with each other. This also provides the pet sitter the perfect opportunity to introduce himself to the owner’s pet and give the pet time to familiarize itself with them. Owners must remember that their pets may tend to answer only to specific people. Neglecting time for proper introduction may result to multiple problems between the pet and the pet sitter. Building a relationship with the pet is important to prevent any mishaps from happening.

PFI is committed in informing pet owners about pet nutrition and proper pet care to keep pets healthy and happy. Through its local initiative, Well-Fed, Well-Nurtured campaign in partnership with the Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines (VPAP), PFI seeks to advocate responsible pet ownership to the ever-growing Filipino pet community.

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