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Five Reasons why the Sinulog Festival is the country’s premier Philippine festival

1) Sinulog Roots

The time-honored festival is a story of the Cebuanos’ pagan past and its acceptance of Christianity. Cebu is known as the cradle of Christianity in Asia with the Philippines noted as the fifth largest Christian country in the world. On March 2021, Cebu is at the center of the 500th anniversary commemoration of Christianity in the Philippines.

2) Miraculous Image

Devotees of the Holy Child from all over the Philippines and the world travel to Cebu for the annual fiesta and religious activities. Devotees share how their prayers for good health, successful examinations and financial struggles were positively granted through the intercession of the Señor Santo Niño.

3) United in Faith

The Sinulog Festival is the cultural aspect of Fiesta Señor, which brings together local and out-of-town contingents in a celebration that features ritual dances of prayer as offering to the Holy Child. Devotees and guests are united in faith as they attend religious services at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño and foot and fluvial processions.

4) Peace & Harmony

Year after year, Cebu City’s fiesta is celebrated peacefully and harmoniously. This is owed to the close coordination of government officials, police force and church leaders. These agencies are one in pushing for safety of the people as the top priority over merry-making events.

5) Cebu Homecoming

The Sinulog Festival is truly a Cebuano festival as Cebuanos all over the world would come home to celebrate it. Cebu’s international airport welcome balikbayans every year a few days before the Sinulog Grand Parade, which falls on the third Sunday of January. Those who are not able to go home organize their own Sinulog versions in their respective countries to venerate the Holy Child.

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