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Parkmall holds Hortikultura Sugbo

Hortikultura Sugbo 2019, the biggest gathering of everything plants, flowers and produce and music, opens to the public April 25-April 28 in a four-day activity full of lush greens and earth music.

It promises to be a visual delight for everyone from plant enthusiasts to casual admirer or plants and flowers.

It offers everything, from the traditional to contemporary garden designs using endemic and indigenous plants, new hybrids as well as newly appreciated species.

Hortikultura Sugbo will also hold lectures and workshops and gather plant groups including landscapers and gardeners during the event.

Get ready this April as Parkmall celebrates the environment and the gifts of the Earth through Hortikultura 2019.

The event will be open from April 25-28 every 5 pm to 8 PM.

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