The five types of friends that you should keep

Imagine how boring life would be without your trusty group of friends. Two is a company, three is a crowd. Friends are a varied mix of different personalities, and no matter how contradicting these personalities might be, somehow that’s what makes friendship even more fun and exciting.

Here are the five types of friends that you should definitely keep in your life:

  • The Mom Friend

In every group of friends, there’s always that special one who functions like a mother hen. He/she is guaranteed to have essentials like tissues, mint ointment, and medicine in their bags. Hungry? They will feed you. Feeling sick? Hold on, they’re fishing out an ibuprofen tablet from their pocket. The mom friend is stern but gentle, mature yet witty, and will have your best interests at heart.

Don’t worry about getting drunk in a barkada inuman; the mom friend will make sure that everyone gets home safe. Don’t forget to thank them and show your appreciation toward them!

  • The Work Pal

Feeling overwhelmed because of work deliverables? Worry not, the work pal is here to cheer you on. This type of friend makes everything at work bearable because you share the burden together. The work pal is someone you can vent to whenever things get tough, jam out to music with to keep the atmosphere light, and make jokes with. Hey – maybe even drink beer with at a nearby bar after time out.

  • The Campaigner

Oh, the places you will go! Inspired by the Myers-briggs type, the Campaigner is the friend who is up for any kind of adventure and trouble. This friend will drag you with them to places, to taste different kinds of food, and to experience different cultures. The Campaigner craves freedom, excitement, and creativity, and their light energy is contagious.  This friend is guaranteed to bring lots of sunshine, positivity, and laughter into your life, so hold on and don’t let go!

  • The No-BS Friend

Authenticity is this friend’s best quality. The No-BS friend has no filter, and they like keeping things real. They don’t like to sugarcoat, and will snap you right into reality with their words. They are tough and no-nonsense.

  • The Childhood Friend

There’s nothing more special than the connection with a friend that you’ve known since you were little. This friend has seen you grow up, and bore witness to the important milestones of your life – from a simple childhood crush at the playground to your first successful job interview. You will never run out of stories to share about your childhood years. You should definitely chat that friend up and reminisce your memories over dinner! Laughter, tears, and good vibes guaranteed.

How many of these types of friends do you have? / celr


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