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Mobil 1: Motorcycle riding tips

A motorcycle rider should have the proper safety gear and the right lubricating oils to keep their motorcycles in good condition. | Immae Lachica

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Motorcycles are becoming a big thing here in Cebu and even around the Philippines.

It’s a no brainer that people are getting into riding motorcycles because of the bad traffic situation here in Cebu and how cool one looks like on board a motorcycle.

But, one should also follow some of the basic things one should do in riding a motorcycle.

Here are some ways to have fun while riding a motorcycle:

1) SAFETY FIRST— safety gears are a must in riding a motorcycle. The basic helmet and knee pads are the best tandem on board a motorcycle.

2) FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES— patience and obedience should always reign on the road especially when driving a motorcycle. Follow the simple traffic rules to avoid accidents and for a fun and safe ride.

3) JOIN GROUPS—  to be able to experience the ultimate rider experience, join groups to be able to maximize the use of your motorcycle and to explore the scenic routes here in Cebu.

4) MOTOR CARE— remember that to be able to ensure a much enjoyable ride, make sure that your motorcycle is always in good condition. In ensuring that your motorcycle is in good condition use the right kind of oils to lubricate the engine to prolong the life of your motorcycle, and what better way to oil to use than Mobil 1’s, Mobil 1 Racing 4T and Mobil Super Moto.

Mobil 1 is the best oil you can use for your motorcycle. Mobil 1 promotes longer engine life and longer oil change interval, plus their oils are eco-friendly, you are not just saving the life of your motorcycle but also helping mother Earth.

Now, that you have these tips to follow it is time to enjoy a good motorcycle ride in the city. /dbs

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