Salarium: How a firm can cut down on payroll processing time

Judah Hirsch (middle), Salarium founder and chief executive officer, explains the advantages of using Salarium payroll solutions. Also in photo are Salarium solutions consultant Karl Panahon and Donna Campogan, Techsurge finance officer. | Irene R. Sino Cruz

CEBU CITY, Philippines –Companies could avail of more affordable payroll solutions with Salarium payroll software.

Salarium is a payroll processing software that keeps track of a company’s manpower movement.

It provides end-to-end payroll solution that enables companies of various types and sizes to compute payroll in just a few clicks. It includes time and attendance, payroll generation and disbursement, among others.

It offers a complete solution like biometrics system, web bundy clock, time sheet management, time record integration and mobile applications.

Judah Hirsch, Salarium founder and chief executive officer, said companies would cut down time allocated by their payroll  personnel by using their software.

According to Salarium, HR personnel would spend less than half the time it used to do for administrative need.

“Our goal is to reduce the amount of time and energy that HR (human resource) is spending on many of their processes,” Hirsch said.

Donna Campogan, finance officer for engineering and construction support firm TechSurge, said they were able to cut down time doing HR-related processes from two days to only half a day. 

Also, Hirsch noted that companies could save between 80 to 90 percent cost savings by using Salarium solutions,  instead of other payroll software products.

Salarium costs P50 per employee per month, much lower than the P200 to P250 it would cost if they use other software, he added.

Hirsch explained that they were able to cut down cost because of SALPay, a Visa debit card paired with an e-wallet. It can be used to do fund transfers, shopping and online banking. 

It links payroll and disbursement and ensures that the creation of accounts and the payments are faster, more secure and less prone to human error.

Meanwhile, Hirsch maintained that the company considers security of client-company personnel data as a top priority.

According to Hirsch, HR employees could shift their attention to much higher value functions through reskilling since less time would be needed for the regular HR functions. 

Instead of downsizing their HR department, Hirsch noted that companies could retool or retrain their employees to focus on hiring and other higher value functions. 

“Reskilling works to everyone’s advantage. For the company, it means enhancing the current and trusted workforce and let them focus on their true expertise and newly developed skills,” he added.

Karl Panahon, Salarium solutions consultant, explained that even small companies can use Salarium, which is also scalable when the company size grows./dbs

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