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Maayo Well promotes healthy sustainable living in its ‘Food First Fair’

As we celebrate Nutrition Month, Maayo Well continues to foster the concept of food as medicine and emphasize nutrition as the forefront towards health management through their “Food First Fair.”

Formerly known as Maayo Medical, Maayo Well’s “Food First Fair,” which is held today, July 20, hopes to create a movement that promotes sustainable healthy living.

The fair seeks to promote a “food first mindset” since, according to Justinne Go, Maayo Well’s senior dietitian, ‘you are what you eat’.

By gathering and showcasing the city’s best purveyors of healthy and sustainable products, the fair seeks to become a “Healthy Sugbo Merkado” and at the same time promote local entrepreneurs.

“With this, not only are we supporting our local vendors, (but) are promoting sustainability and medical tourism (too),” said Go.

When it comes to health, it all starts with the food we eat. Let's take our first step towards wellness through food…

Maayo Medical 发布于 2019年7月4日周四

On its first run, the event is supported with Maayo Well’s wellness services for free through their #ExperienceMaayo, and also providing information in the fundamentals of getting into a healthy lifestyle.

Services include an Online and Personal Nutrition Consultation, Personalized Meal Plans, Healthy Home-based Workshop, and more.

Activities such as water and land yoga including other exercises classes are also available at the fair.

With Maayo Well’s first food fair, Go hopes to create a movement and a community that promotes sustainable healthy living because wellness starts from within.

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