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Cebu: Building Its Way Up As An Innovative City

Cebu, as the top performing city in all of Visayas, has always exhibited a promising potential when it comes to economic growth and productivity rate. Being a city with majestic ecotourism spots complemented by several macro and micro-businesses and multiple infrastructures, Cebu has never failed to reach milestones contributing to the nation’s growth as a whole. As a city seen to be a potential nest for socially empowering and innovative projects, Cebu is up for a great future with the many upcoming projects being proposed for it. With the Philippines on a current journey of stepping up its game in developing progressive cities and municipalities to become model communities and innovative cities, embracing such projects and opportunities would be a great start in achieving progress.

First off — the CCLEX project. The CCLEX project is a 30-billion project, envisioned to help boost the economic progress of the Visayan region by providing more accessible roads and networks for smoother trade transactions and business agendas. The project aims to improve Cebu’s economic growth in order for it to be a more sustainable and globally-competitive community. Included in this project is the creation of two additional lanes, cable bridges to be located in Cebu City and Cordova, CSCR ramps, and toll plazas to provide better service to the people. This project does not aim to only help trade and speed up travel time, but it also offers more accessible opportunities for residents who are limited to their own municipalities for jobs and daily living. With this project on the run, more people will have the opportunity to explore and hunt financial opportunities in other areas of Visayas.

In connection to helping Visayan people have more access to economic opportunities and advocating more for its tourism, exciting platforms such as the Cebu Major Online Summit is also something to look forward to. As our national and international tourism rates have gone up in the past, many companies have been eyeing the Philippines as one of the potential markets to boost LCCs. In the past, the number of tourists in the Philippines have tripled, the city of Cebu has one of the biggest contributions to this growth. With this, knowing and being more educated

through the Cebu Major Online Summit is a big chance to help improve our nation’s progress in this aspect.

With Cebu’s economic progress advancing more than ever, several companies have shown impressive growth in the past years. One of which is Cebu Landmasters Inc. (CLI), known to hit a 72% hike in net income last 2018, helping give Cebu’s economic growth and business portfolio a massive positive impact. It has been projected that this 2019, the company will continue to achieve greater heights, yet alone its competitors and other businesses in the region. As a result, this will land to several business expansions in other areas of Visayas other than Cebu, helping empower and transform the economic business district of the area.Interested to learn more and engage with different young professionals about different economic opportunities and platforms that could lead into the transformation of Cebu City becoming more innovative and sustainable?

Join us in PHILBEX Cebu 2019, organized by Worldbex Services International, happening on September 12-15, 2019   from 10:00am to 8:00pm at the SM City Cebu Trade Hall. For more information, call 656-9239, email [email protected], Admission is free, pre-register at https://philbexcebu.com/visitor/ and follow us @worldbex on Facebook and Instagram.

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