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Macaron 5 to satisfy Cebuanos sweet tooth cravings with their French Macarons

When it comes to desserts, everyone has a particular preference.

Some choose a particular one according to the occasion. However, there are other desserts we not only crave for but also want to really have because it makes us feel fancy like the French Macaron, which hits the jackpot in satisfying one’s sweet tooth.

Popular in France, French Macarons were not accessible in the city until recent years when restaurants started serving them.

Today, Macaron 5, a new contender in the dessert arena in Cebu, provides you your sweet fill of French Macarons in its food kiosks in malls in the city.

Macaron 5 is famous for serving the only two-toned macarons in Cebu — a sweet treat that is colorful, light and with the just the right amount of crunchiness and chewiness.

“Our goal with our macarons is to make it accessible to all Cebuanos, and making them the next go-to pasalubong,” said Adrian Diongzon, one of the owners of Macaron 5.

According to Diongzon, the brand was officially conceptualized over a cup of coffee by Kobi Choi, Ressa Jimenez, and Diongzon while they were listening to a song on the radio by the band Maroon 5.

Apart from their goal towards becoming the next go-to pasalubong in Cebu, Macaron 5 promises freshly baked macarons every day.

Currently, they have eight two-toned flavors their loyal customers can choose from — Strawberry, Mango, Mint, After 8, Blueberry, Salted Caramel, Passion Fruit, and Pistachio.

Apart from that, they also have Strawberry and Blueberry cheesecakes.

“Our macarons in the Pyramid have a good following, so we brought it to the mall. We have kiosks for Macaron 5 in Coffee Prince and Ayala,” said Diongzon.

Perfect macaron

Like all great artists, baking is a form of art that requires skills and exquisite technique.

For Jimenez, making the perfect macaron is like creating an artist’s masterpiece, requiring precision and timing in baking.

“It’s tedious not only the process but because macaroons are delicate and take time to master,” shared Jimenez.

Ultimately, Jimenez said, making any perfect dessert requires passion and dedication towards the craft.

“Yes, despite its process, you have to have passion in what you’re doing,” said Jimenez who has been baking for 10 years.

Their passions towards their craft also lead them to plans for expansion.

According to Jimenez, they plan to create a limited edition flavor that will be available on a certain day.

They will also be tapping other malls and planning to put a branch at the Mactan Cebu International Airport a step toward making their dreams of becoming Cebu’s next go-to pasalubong nearer to reality.

For only P165, one can get a box of macaron with 5 flavors, or opt for P35 apiece.

“Our prices are cheap because our goal is to make our macarons accessible to Cebuanos. However, the quality of our ingredients are high quality still,” said Diongzon.

“This is our goal, this is how we make Cebu know that we can be at par with any international dessert and serve them to the community,” added Diongzon./dbs

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