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Types of men you meet at the bar based on his choice of drink

It’s been a long week. Lets head to the bar. The night is young, and the agenda is to have fun.

It’s a social venue. You sit beside a man at a bar. Loosen up a bit and socialize! Will this night be one for the books?

But take some mental notes as we’ve run down some types of men and what their choice of drink says about them. We’ve been to a lot of parties, so take our word for it.

After all, you deserve this night!


We find that a man who knows his wine adds to his sophistication and a little bit to his mystery.

Most of us get a little intimidated by wine because it has a reputation of having too many rules on how to drink it. From the way it is served, whether chilled or room temperature, to what meal to pair it with; even choosing between the reds and the whites. The list of “rules” are endless and even generates debates at dinner conversations.

But one thing is for sure, though, add a glass of wine to a dinner date, and it becomes a little bit special and joyous. Certainly, the night becomes extra romantic having to enjoy a glass of wine with your man.  


This one is a classic. They say that the martini was invented around the late 1800s. The classic martini is made of a mix of gin and vermouth then garnished with olives and depending on taste, some lemon twist.

Nowadays, the modern cocktail bar will have its own secret recipe and experiments on different chemistries or flavors to create exciting new drinks. Add to that an entertaining routine or performance as the mixologist prepares your drink.

The guy who likes martinis doesn’t care much for all the fanfare. He knows what he wants. The classic will always be dependable.

Boring? Just like a martini that you could mix it up to taste, you might be surprised at how he might spice things up a bit.

Pouring whiskey into glass. Placed on wooden keg. Low depth of focus


Scotch, whiskey, or bourbon – they call it liquid gold.  

Made from malted grains aged in oak barrels, this drink is a man’s man’s drink. You couldn’t get more manly than that. Apparently, this drink exudes manly pheromones, some perfumers take inspiration from its scent!

We like a strong man, candid, and raw – just like scotch taken on the rocks. Dependable and experienced, any modern woman would call on their inner damsels in distress having this guy around. A guy who opens the door for you will always be hot!


A distilled beverage derived from the blue agave plant, this drink originated from Mexico and is highly popular around the world.

Fun parties will always have tequila. No question.

With this guy around, young, spirited, free; you will never know what to expect next. If you are into spontaneity,  this is the ideal guy to spend the time with. Surely it’ll be a night filled with surprises, laughter, and flirty innuendos.

With a bottle of tequila and that guy with a cheeky smile, your night could turn out to be a pretty interesting night-out.


Simple, casual, and uncomplicated. Beer. The most widely consumed alcoholic drink of all and it pairs well with any food.

Its the go-to drink for men and women. There’s a variety of beer to choose from but at the same time, all are relatable.

And much like drinking beer, as we choose our preferred taste, as the night runs down, it becomes more intimate. We all enjoy a good conversation. We like a guy who takes things slow, who builds on trust and establishes meaningful connections.

Now that we’ve made it simpler for you, dress up and enjoy the night. Party like there’s no tomorrow. You deserve it.

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Now you own this night. Socialize. We’ve made it easier for you to talk to the guy sitting beside you at the bar. And as the alcohol seeps in, just make sure you don’t send the wrong the signals.

Intrigued? We’ll make it even easier for you. Call Azure Beach Club at 401 9999or email [email protected].

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