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12 surprising reasons why you have to try this drink now

It is no secret that a glass of your favorite alcoholic drink can calm the nerves after a long and tiring day from work.

Ask any person who drinks and he or she will tell your that there exists a preferred concoction or mix whether the person is celebrating a win or nursing a heartache. 

Vodka, gin, beer…the list is endless when it comes to every drinker’s preference.

A classic drink that might ring a bell especially among those who grew up with their grandfathers or uncles is the Chinese wine, Vino Kulafu.

This drink is definitely a classic because it is not only the perfect companion during gatherings and celebrations, it also brings with it the promise of a healthy beverage that has been proven from one generation to the next.

CDN Digital delved deeper into this Chinese wine and what we found out are worth sharing.

Read on to know the reasons why you should try this classic drink very soon!

An affordable drink

A 350-ml bottle of Vino Kulafu is only sold for P28.50 while a 700-ml bottle is sold at P57. It’s an affordable drink for everyone whether you’re on a budget or in the mood to splurge!

Pairs easily with anything 

You can easily mix Vino Kulafu with your favorite non-alcoholic beverages or even powdered drinks. If you want to come up with own concoction, you will never go wrong with mixing Vino Kulafu with your favorite flavors. Here are some mixes that you can try out:

Perfect combo with your favorite pulutan

Sisig, barbecue, chips… you name it, Vino Kulafu can be best paired with it! Try out your favorite pulutan with your DIY Vino Kulafu concoction and serve it to your family and friends. Let the exchange of stories flow with this perfect combination! 

Helps with sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Try a sip or a glass of Vino Kulafu. It’s not just the alcohol in it that will help you head to dreamland; the drink is filled with natural herbs such as red dates, an ingredient used in Chinese medicine, that has been used to treat insomnia and anxiety. Red dates are found to have adaptogen, a substance known to reduce stress.

Strengthens your bones

Vino Kulafu contains an herb called Wu Kar Pee that strengthens the bones. This is Chinese wine we are talking about where traditional Chinese medicine is definitely in the works. The strong and balanced formula of Vino Kulafu helps with bone strength and density.

Lowers blood pressure  

Crazy right? Usually the rule would be to stay away from alcohol when you have problems with your blood pressure but Vino Kulafu can be a friend, just don’t keep the bottles all to yourself! Vino Kulafu has Tung Kwi that will help you relax. It’s an ingredient known to cure heart disease and high blood sugar. So chill and learn to share. 

Aids with menstrual cramps

Who says Vino Kulafu is only for the boys? The herbs in this Chinese wine is a natural remedy; a medicinal herb that has been used to treat menstrual camps especially among those who are having problems in dealing with their monthly periods.

Relieves pain

It’s not just because of the alcohol, Vino Kulafu contains chok wai pee that aids with pain management. A glass of this powerful Chinese wine will help relieve the physical pain may it be toothache or muscle spasms. Just don’t expect it to heal your love problems too! Or maybe it can too!

Recharges energy 

Ask the mountaineers of Cebu what they drink when they climb up mountains. A shot of Vino Kulafu while taking a short break from a long hike is the elixir they need to keep them going no matter how challenging the trail is.

Leaves no hangover

Hate the hangover feeling in the morning whenever you have too much to drink? Vino Kulafu won’t leave you feeling that way especially when the previous night’s drinking session was paired with good stories and great laughter.

Helps with digestion

While most people turn to drinking tablets to relieve constipation, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) offers an alternative. Any abnormality in the body is seen as a reduced flow of the qi or life’s vital force. Having constipation, in TCM, is from unbalanced qi. With Chinese wine like Vino Kulafu, herbs such as keung tin kuen and cheung kung can help with digestion and blood flow.

An award-winning drink 

Vino Kulafu is not only an affordable drink, it’s an award-winning one! It is the recipient of a Gold Quality Award by Monde Selection, The International Quality Institute, in Belgium just this year, 2019. Beat that!

If it isn’t clear yet, this is a drink that has 12 Chinese herbs that are guaranteed to revitalize your body’s functions! Check these herbs below:

If you’re looking for a versatile drink, choose Vino Kulafu!

It’s available in your favorite supermarkets or even in your most trusted sari-sari stores in the Visayas and Mindanao.

A word of advice: before you open a bottle of Vino Kulafu, remember to always drink responsibly. It is likewise best to share this with friends and family members because any drink is always best enjoyed in the company of the ones we value the most. / celr 

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