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Go embrace your own definition of success

CEBU CITY, Philippines — Ask Merriam-Webster and the online dictionary will tell you that success means “favorable or desired outcome” and “attainment of wealth, favor or eminence.”

If we are to strictly follow this definition, then most of us will fall short.

No wonder many try to keep up with friends whose lifestyle they can’t really afford.

Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, we might be scampering to tick off all of the things that we want to achieve this year so that we can call ourselves…successful.

To be honest, success comes in different forms and its definition relies on how you view success.

No matter how you view success, keep these five points in mind to achieve your heart’s desires:

Eyes on the prize. You are allowed to get distracted because events and circumstances will take away your focus. But make sure that it only happens momentarily. Don’t sit on the distraction. The moment you notice the distraction, run back to your focus and stay with it. Focus is key to make your dream work. It will not be easy but the moment you focus on what you want to achieve, you’re already one step closer to your goal.

Believe in you. No matter what happens, remember to never stop believing in yourself. Remind yourself that you have capabilities that others can’t do. Take joy in that. Surround yourself with the people who uplifts you. Hone your craft and never stop learning. Take this into heart: progress, not perfection.

Embrace your fear. Once in a while, try new things even those that bring you fear. Try the things which scare you and face them. Who knows? That one job interview you’ve been dreading is the missing link for you to achieve success.

Stay positive. It won’t be a walk in the park, so to speak. There will be dark and difficult days. But always choose to get up and dress up. Look at situations from a brighter perspective. Let the sun shine on you to ward off those negative thoughts.

Enjoy every moment. It is easy to forget fun when you want to achieve your dreams or succeed in life. But a lot of times, success is about the journey; not the destination. So do not be afraid to loosen up from time to time. Go sing to your heart’s content, watch that play or movie, or spend three days and two nights at your favorite country in your bucket list.

It might be the end of the year but the world hasn’t ended yet. While you’re alive, life goes on and you can continue to chase after your dreams. / celr

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