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The people we miss this Christmas season

CEBU CITY, Philippines — As we celebrate the merriest season of all, may we not forget those who are far away from us. They are part of us too, no matter the distance.

It may sound sad but that’s just the way life goes.

We want our families and friends to be complete for the holidays but sometimes circumstances won’t let us be in one place. All we can do is to wish for these people to celebrate Christmas with us.

In this season of loving and caring, we remember those we dearly missed:

Departed loved ones. We remember the times that they were with us and reminisce them with love in our hearts. Let’s continue to practice the traditions that they started with us because that is one way to make their memories live on. They may have left this world but they will forever be in our hearts.

Overseas relatives and friends. Many of our family members and friends leave the comforts of home in search for greener pastures so they can give their loved ones a better future. They are the selfless kind, who place the needs of others ahead of themselves. This season, may we remember to express our gratitude for them. The next time they come home, let’s treat them to a feast, and for a change, make them sit down nicely and not worry about paying for lunch or dinner.

Estranged friends. At some point in our lives, we grew apart from the people we used to call “friends.” No matter how the friendship ended, you can’t avoid the truth that there are moments that you do miss them. Missing them this season? Perhaps it’s time to leave them a message. This is, after all, the season of love and forgiveness.

Family members working on Christmas. We may be too busy to notice but there are many of them. They’re not far from us geographically but professional obligations may separate us from them on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We just have to accept it that times have changed and people need to stand for their responsibilities. Celebrate with them some other time. Remember: Christmas in the Philippines is not just celebrated on December 25. We have the longest Christmas celebration especially for predominantly Christian population. So for sure, when you celebrate with these loved ones, the Christmas spirit will still be there because you are around to spread the love and warmth.

The old you. You may have matured and became too serious as the years went by. Don’t you miss the “old you” sometimes? The fun, perky and excited you? You may want to bring back the old you this season! No need to go wild and careless. But perhaps you can work on letting yourself lose and not think about the bills to pay or the work deadlines to meet? It is the holidays, let go and just enjoy the season!

Celebrate this season with joy and gratitude in your hearts. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! / celr

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