Why writing is the best quick fix nowadays

CEBU CITY, Philippines— There are times when we just need to air out our happiness or even our frustrations.

Others opt to go out and hang out with their friends or families. But some are bad at speaking but are good at writing their feelings down.

Well, that’s good too.

Writing our feelings down helps us in ways that would surprise us. Here are some:

Helps clear our minds— when you write your frustrations or your triumphs you have this sense of being free. For some reason, you feel like the burden has been lifted from your heart and mind. This then can help your decision-making.

Keeps you on track— once you write down all your ups and downs you can trace your development and discover what you need to improve on.

Helps you process things— writing all the things that have been weighing on you can help you think clearly and plot ways to improve your situation. The process that you need to trust.

Let’s you know what actions to take— writing down your planned actions is already a good start. Knowing that you have already thought of doing so means that you are ready to improve your lot.

Take all the space you need— no limit of space and time. You can jot down everything, and we mean everything. There’s no need for you to rush and cut short your feelings and emotions.

Writing is a very underrated thing to do when a lot of emotions are boiling within us. But try it out and you’d be surprised by the many wonders it can do. /rcg

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