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Maxxis tires can help make you have that perfect Valentine’s Day celebration

It is that time of the year again where romance is in the air and starry-eyed lovers are all planning the perfect date to celebrate the day of love.  

Traditional couples are likely to plan for a fancy dinner, a classy staycation, or a Valentine’s Day stroll at a park.  

Adventure-seeking couples, however, are sure to look for some exciting activities and would hop on their motorcycles or cars to go out for a romantic ride and enjoy their Valentine’s Day.

And it will be a shame if this love mood will be spoiled on your way to your romantic destination especially if its  just a problem with your motorcycle tires.

So include in your preparations for a perfect Valentine’s date by using tires that are sure to highlight safety and performance.

And MAXXIS Philippines is your perfect partner to ensure you can have that perfect Valentine’s celebration as they provide a line up of motorcycle tires that are specially designed to brave wet and dry weather and are perfect to handle the country’s diverse terrains.

Their M6161-W is known for its directional tread pattern for greater maneuverability on both wet and dry roads and features good water dispersion and cornering traction.

This tire is the ideal for the motorcycle that lovers can use to bring them to that weekend getaway to the mountains or near the coast because it can handle well in muddy and wet terrains

For couples, who are scooter enthusiasts, the new MA-G1 and MA-ST is a perfect fit for their scooters and ideal for both urban and sports riders. Their superior grip and traction for better control and stability makes it a perfect fit for these riders. 

For couple into motorcycle racing, the Extramaxx M6233 and M6234 are the right set of tires that can withstand the wear and tear of fast motorcycles. Their exceptional grip, control and stability guarantee safe and smooth rides for the lovers leading them to enjoy the freedom that motorbikes offer. 

This Valentine’s Day, it is important to make your special someone happy and if you’re planning for a romantic ride, assuring the quality of your tires will make them even happier if you deliver on that perfect Valentine’s Day celebration by maintaining that love mood as you travel safely to that perfect love destination.

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