Hauntingly beautiful and bizarre cemeteries around the world

Cemeteries are not an ideal spot to visit when going on a trip.

But in every place on this planet, you will find a cemetery. That’s for sure.

Many of these look normal with its graves marked with engraved tombstones.

However, there are also cemeteries that are far from the ordinary.

CDN Digital listed below some of the bizarre cemeteries in the world. Check this out!

The sunken cemetery in Camiguin Island. | CDN Stock Photo

Sunken Cemetery  (Camiguin)

The sunken cemetery in Camiguin was submerged when Mount Vulcan erupted in the 1870s. It is located off the shore of Barrio Bonbon in Catarman, Camiguin.

The area is considered a great diving site. 

Camiguin’s sunken cemetery and church ruins are now declared “national cultural treasures” by the National Museum of the Philippines.

Merry Cemetery in Romania. | CDN Stock Photo

The Merry Cemetery (Romania)

The Merry Cemetery is filled with colorful grave markers that depict scenes from the life of the deceased. Found in the town of Sapanta, Romania this cemetery is noted for its cheery atmosphere. 

The hand-painted wood crosses with vivid portraits of the person’s memorable life started about 80 years ago.  Since then more than 800 “merry crosses” have been added to the area.

Hanging coffins of Sagada. | CDN Stock Photo

Hanging Coffins (Sagada)

The hanging coffins of Sagada are made from hollowed-out logs.  These hang from limestone cliffs and cave walls.  This landmark of Sagada, Mt. Province is part of an Igorot burial ritual which was practiced during the pre-colonial Philippines.

The placement of the coffins was made in such a way that departed loved ones are brought closer to the heavens.

Their Lumiang Burial Cave is a must-see ancient tradition.

Neptune Memorial Reef | Photo by

The Neptune Memorial Reef (Florida)

Located 40 feet underwater, the structures of the Neptune Memorial Reef were made from a combination of cement and cremated human remains.

The man-made reef can be found off the coast of Florida or just a few miles east of Key Biscayne.

The cemetery is a mixture of unique art installments, a way to memorialize dead loved ones.

Led-lit columbary in Tokyo. | Photo by

High-Tech Cemetery (Tokyo)

Japan applied its technological advantage even on its cemeteries.

At the Ruriden Columbarium in Tokyo, Buddha statues that represent the departed are lit with LED lights. 

The room is illuminated by the LED lights and is synced to smart cards that are given to friends and relatives who can access the building and visit their dead family members and relatives.

The Catacombs of Paris. | CDN Stock Photo

The Catacombs (Paris)

When major public health problems were linked to the presence of their cemeteries,  Paris decided to transfer these to an underground site in the late 18th century.

The Paris Catacombs is an underground bone collection from about six million human bodies.  Tourists from around the world visit the Catacombs each year. 

If you want some piece of adventure, try skipping the guided tour areas and check out these interesting places.

Do you have information on other unusual cemeteries around the world? Share these with us in the comments section of this video.


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