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Filipino Homes’ Anthony Leuterio to share effective business strategies via VirtualPreneur Summit

With the ongoing fight against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a lot of businesses were urged to close until further notice.

Filipino Homes president and founder Anthony Gerard Leuterio, suggests businessmen to take advantage of the crisis by coming up with new ideas and strategies.

According to Leuterio, they still cannot estimate the impact of the pandemic on real estate for the past two weeks.

However the inquiries have not changed and there are still buyers contacting their real estate agents.

As a precautionary measure, real estate agents were discouraged to meet their clients personally and directed their buyers to visit showrooms directly to minimize contact.

This is a process Leuterio has prepared called cross-selling.

He emphasized that ups and downs are inevitable in any business, but everyone needs a home and they want to accommodate buyers as much as they can.

Developers have also issued temporary payment schemes so that their home owners can adjust to the ongoing community quarantine.

Leuterio added that this is the time businesses should practice to remodel, rethink and restart.

Together with 30 other digital marketing experts, entrepreneurs, and speakers, Leuterio will speak in an online platform to share effective strategies and techniques.

The VirtualPrenuer Summit 2020 is a free online summit initiative to help empower local business owners by providing insights, outlook, and strategies to sustain businesses despite the temporary issues caused by the pandemic.

The online summit will start on March 28 to 29 with 30+ sessions.

Interested individuals can check this link on how to register. https://www.virtualpreneursummit.com/

Since all their agents are equipped and went numerous training, Leuterio is positive that their agents will overcome the situation.

“You have to motivate your people as a leader,” Leuterio said.

He also encouraged having meetings online.

He suggests that an online platform is also one advantage business owners can use right now while saving money for the next big idea.

Leuterio encourages all business owners to be hopeful as the Philippines will have a bright future ahead in terms of tourism, business, hotels, and food.

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