The beauty of living in the moment

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Life has offered us many wonderful things that sometimes we let some of it pass us by.

This is because we tend to think too much of the future and sometimes forget to live in the moment.

We oftentimes forget the beauty of living in the moment, to live in the present, and to savor the beautiful things we have now.

Here’s how you should start living in the moment:

Take every opportunity there is

There are a lot of opportunities that can come in the future, but don’t let that stop you from grabbing the opportunities that are already in front of you. Take that opportunity to mature and grow, then slowly move forward to another opportunity in the future that will come your way.

Think of the future by working hard now

Now is the beginning of fulfilling your dreams, so live in the moment, embrace the job you have, the people you meet, allow them to be with you today. This is the best thing that you can do for your future, start preparing now for your future.

Feed yourself with adventure

Explore the wonders of world, the simple places you haven’t been to in your place, go to them, enjoy every bit of time you have here in your home town and seize the moment.

The past is there for a reason

No matter how much you dwell in the past you can never change it but rather you can stop dwelling from it and begin to change the direction from that one mistake and make it right decision this time.

Appreciate life more

By living in the moment you can see the many wonderful things that life has to offer and has already offered you. Don’t be too busy about the past and the future and start living in the moment, worry about today and let the future worry about itself.

Living in the moment is something everyone should consider doing.

Don’t let the moment pass you by just like that, enjoy life while you can. /bmjo

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