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Filipino Homes presents first Quarantine-Friendly Home Design

The largest comprehensive real estate solutions portal in the Philippines offers the country’s first “quarantine-friendly home designs” and organized its first ever Quarantine-Friendly Home Design Presentation through an online webinar.

Developers from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao joined the webinar led by Filipino Homes’ CEO and Founder Anthony Leuterio.

Leuterio said that the struggles of Filipinos living in a cramped house during a lockdown inspired him to come up with the idea.

He wanted to offer an affordable and sustainable building that is also multipurpose for Filipinos in the new normal setting brought by the coronavirus pandemic.

The idea is also a collaboration of top developers and brokers in the country.

Anthony Leuterio, president and founder of Filipino Homes. / CDN File Photo

Marketing over 70,000 properties all over the country, Leuterio wants to inspire Filipinos that the home is an essential part of our lives and its necessary to have all options for an quarantine-friendly home in one setup.

Leuterio also announced that they are very excited for a new sustainable condominium partnership and for the second filipino homes quarantine-ready building which will be launched soon.

Licensed real estate broker, licensed environmental planner, and the youngest ASEAN APEC Architect Daryl Balmoria- Garcia of Dream Architects discussed the quarantine-friendly home design.

Garcia emphasized that key factors for buying homes is the location, price and design factors that will matter to get the best from the home investment.

She added that among the advantages of this new design is energy consumption maximization, and minimal damages to the environment.

Believing that sustainable homes are the future, the quarantine-friendly plan was designed for quality of life and value for money.

Homes now need to be green, sustainable and affordable and it cannot be ignored, she added.

The design’s ecological sustainability also offers better impacts and benefits to the community.

According to her presentation, 89 percent of buyers are concerned about their homes and its environmental impact.

The design will use eco-friendly materials, natural products, and high quality durable materials.

Design features of the quarantine-friendly includes a place you where you can work, live and play.

The highlights of the home offer more productivity spaces, including a home office, mini gym, family area, and a sanitation foyer.

With the tropical design of the house, it also offers thermal comfort, natural lighting and green open spaces and solar power capacity.

Rainwater collection and water recycling will also be applied for reusable water.

Ready for smart home applications, the design is also calamity ready and follows all construction and building codes.

Designed in three days by Garcia, she shared that her favorite part of the design is the kitchen garden.

The modern, affordable and practical home will only take a measure of 50 sqm lot area and 170 sqm floor space.

This already includes three bedrooms, a balcony, office space as an attic and entertainment area and also a parking area for one car.

The design, ready for any pandemic will be officially launched soon.

The free online webinar was held on April 28 with about 500 participating developers, real estate agents and brokers around the country.

Other efforts of Filipino Homes during the quarantine

For the past month of the enhanced community quarantine in the country, Filipino Homes also donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to hospitals not just in Cebu City but around the country.

In Cebu, they have given out around 4,000 masks.

Every week, they conduct fund raising activities online through their webinars to donate to less privileged families and workers of construction and developer companies.

Their efforts also include donation of sacks of rice, packed meals, canned goods and other essentials during the pandemic.

Filipino Homes also offers their free online university.

Filipino Homes Institute of Real Estate is an online school for interested real estate agents.

The online learning system includes seven free modules personally prepared by Leuterio.

Filipinos homes are positive for the influx of inquiries for homes during the enhance community quarantine.

Leuterio advices Filipinos to be postive in these trying times and look forward to better, safer times ahead.

Checkout Filipino Homes on facebook and filipinohome.com for more updates and free webinars.

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