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Simple steps to keep your cholesterol levels healthy

Cholesterol is a type of fat found in our blood. It is a chemical compound that the body requires as a building block for cell membranes and hormones.

Cholesterol is very important in our bodies for it to work properly.

But too much bad cholesterol or high levels of cholesterol can also increase the risk of certain diseases.

In this article, CDN Digital compiled five simple ways to keep your cholesterol at a healthy level.

Stop smoking

Smoking changes how the body handles cholesterol and it also increases the risk of heart disease. It increases bad lipoproteins and decreases “good” HDL or good cholesterol.

Immune cells in smokers prevent the body’s ability to send cholesterol back to the liver to be stored or broken down.

But quitting can reverse these effects.

Without smoke, your good cholesterol levels will improve.

Within a year of no smoking, your risk of heart disease is half that of a smoker and your blood circulation and lung function improves.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid and pectin.

Acetic acid helps you lose unwanted body weight associated with high cholesterol, bad cholesterol attaches itself

to the pectin (fiber) of apple cider vinegar and will be eliminated from the body.

A 2018 study reported that apple cider vinegar reduced total blood cholesterol, while raising levels of good cholesterol in overweight or obese people.

Another study found that apple cider vinegar lowered cholesterol levels of people with normal levels of cholesterol.

Have some nuts

A research conducted by North-West University in South Africa of 23 scientific studies worldwide found that eating 1.5 to 3.5 servings of nuts could significantly decrease both total cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

By including nuts in your diet for at least five times a week can be good for your cholesterol levels.

Replace saturated fats with almonds, walnuts, or other nuts rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

A good serving of nuts will leave you feeling fuller longer than processed foods such as crackers.

Bad habits

Your high levels of cholesterol could also be caused by unhealthy habits.

Your lifestyle will directly affect not just your cholesterol but your health in general. Make sure to manage stress properly and increase physical activity.

But the most important factor is getting enough and good-quality sleep.

One myth that a lot of people believe that only our eating habits can affect cholesterol levels but the truth is, your lifestyle is important no matter how old you are.

Poor lifestyle habits could cause bad cholesterol levels to increase.

Drink alcohol moderately

Yes, we’re all familiar with this golden rule.

Many researchers still debate these findings but several studies also show that one drink a day for women, and two drinks a day for men can raise good cholesterol levels and even help keep the cardiovascular system healthy.

However, more than the suggested regular intake of alcohol can be harmful.

Remember that too much alcohol is never a good idea.

Keep your cholesterol at a healthy level with these tips and advice. But you should also check with your doctor regularly.

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