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The magic of the silica gel packets

Don't throw these away, these little things come in handy

Cebu City, Philippines–If you’re wondering what the purpose of those little white packets inside your shoe box is, read on.

They actually have multiple household uses, too.

Those things, as written on the packets, are silica gels. They are desiccants that absorbs and hold water vapor, this is why we find them in all sorts of products.

In food products and clothes, they reduce spoilage and prevent mold build up. In electronics, it prevents condensation that causes damage.

So think twice before you throw your silica gel packets.

Here are other handy uses of silica gel that you should know to keep your personal belongings safe from unwanted moisture.

Shoes and socks

Clothing items that are prone to moisture such as socks, and underwear can easily form mold and bacteria and must stay dry as much as possible.

With a few packs of silica gel, you can minimize the moisture of these items’ storage place.

You can also throw some desiccants in your cabinet to keep your clothes from mildewing.

Mildew is caused by humidity and moisture that grows on organic matter, including wood, wall, and clothes.

Food storage

A lot of our food items at home have to be stored in a cool and dry place so that molds and bacteria will not grow.

With a few desiccants or silica gel, your canned goods will be safe including your oats, pasta, rice or beans.

You can also add more packs in your pantry to improve overall humidity.


Electronics must be kept very dry to stay functional and avoid corrosion.

Cameras and camera lenses are commonly stored with silica gel so that moisture will not damage them.

Other electronics like radios, cell phones, or GPS devices should be stored with desiccant packs to keep them working.

You can even use desiccants to rescue your gadget when they get wet such as phones and laptops.

Photos and documents

Toss in a desiccant or two to protect your photos and documents when you store them in a box.

This will keep them safe from the moisture in the air especially when most of your photos and documents are essential and irreplaceable.

Store them in a safe place and make sure to keep out the moisture with a few packets of silica gel.


There are some important tools that are not just very useful but are also expensive

Rust can damage these items and decrease efficiency but by eliminating the moisture in your toolbox, you can make sure that your tools will last a long time.

Leave a few desiccant packs in your toolbox to keep them shiny as new!

Also place a few more pack outside of the toolbox to soak up extra moisture in the air that could harm your toolbox and the tools inside.

You can also try other easy-to-find items that act as desiccants at home such as:

  • Dry rice. You can try making small packages of dry rice to keep your containers dry.
  • Salt. It works well with food products to absorb moisture.
  • Non-dairy creamer.  To use this, you must transfer them to more breathable packets so it can absorb moisture better.

The next time you decide to organize and arrange things at home, remember to make use of silica gel packets or other desiccants to keep your personal things fresh.

Let us know what you think about these hacks in the comments section of this video.


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