Know someone affected by the disease? Here’s how you can make them feel better


CEBU CITY, Philippines— For months now, the coronavirus disease has affected many lives.

The sad part of this is that sometimes, we know some of those who get infected with the deadly virus. They may be a close friend, an officemate, or even a family member.

If you know people who got hit by the virus, there are little things you can do for them from afar that can mean a lot.

Send food and care package

There are a lot of online services you can use to make this work. By sending over their favorite cookie or things they can use to get  by, you are not just showing your care and concern, but are also letting them know you are with them no matter what.

Reach out

They are already in physical isolation, so just use your phone or any gadget to connect with them. Check on them. But most importantly, listen to them. Talk about anything to keep their minds off the situation. Just converse like how you you used to do it before the pandemic happened.

Show support

Many families are knocking on kind-hearted people online through fundraising activities. If you can spare a little amount of cash for them, do so. It is not the amount that counts. The thought of helping is what matters.

Pray for them

This is the most simple yet powerful thing you can do for them. Say a prayer for them and others who are in the same dilemma. This will really go a long way.

Don’t treat them differently

The virus is not going to change that person whom you’ve known for years. Treat them the same way you’ve treated them throughout those years. Don’t let them feel that you are creating this bubble around you and making them feel like you don’t want anything to do with them. Care and compassion is highly appreciated.

The virus has been affecting our lives. But it should not affect our relationship with others, especially those we know.

So try to check on your friends who are infected and give them a reason to smile in these trying times. /bmjo

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