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Little girl from Tisa rants about their slow internet connection, netizens supporting her cute rant



CEBU CITY, Philippines— Having internet connection problems?

You are not alone.

Here’s how this five-year-old from Barangay Tisa, Cebu City expressed her dismay with the slow internet connection in the country.

Zane Akila, took to her mother’s Facebook account to post her cute but very relatable rant about their slow internet connection.

Angelie Gutierrez, 29, mother of Zane told CDN Digital that she decided to share Zane’s rant online to spread good vibes, hoping to get the attention of the internet providers in the country.

“ Iyang summer online class schedule is at 10 AM Mondays-Fridays and 2 weeks na siya wala maka apil because of the internet connection. During those hours hence late na siya maka submit sa iya worksheets and maka study mi afternoon na,” said Gutierrez.

(Her summer online class schedule is at 10 AM Mondays-Fridays and she has not joined the class for two weeks because of the internet connection. During those hours, hence she submitted late her worksheets and we can study only in the afternoon.)

With the slow internet connection, Zane has to move her time studying in the morning to her supposed to be free time in the afternoon.

Now, we get it why this cute little girl is experiencing “high blood” because of their internet connection.

This lead to Zane asking her mother this serious and witty question.

“She asked me why slow ang internet sa Philippines hahaha and she said I WILL TAKE A VIDEO KAY NISAKA NA AKONG DUGO ANI (I will take a video because my blood pressure will rise because of this),” she added.

Guiterrez uploaded the video on Thursday, July 23.

And as of Saturday, July 25, the videos have already been viewed, 51,000 times with 1,800 shares with 1,600 reactions.

Five-year-old rants about slow internet connection

Watch: Looks like adults are not the only ones experiencing internet connection problems. Zane Akila, a 5-year-old girl from Barangay Tisa, Cebu City, used her mother's social media account to rant about the country's connectivity problems.Angelie Gutierrez shared her daughter's video last July 22, 2020. | via Immae Lachica

Posted by CDN Digital on Friday, July 24, 2020


Looks like we now have a spokesperson about this never-ending slow internet connection in our country. /dbs

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