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What type of a coffee person are you?




CEBU CITY, Philippines—What kind of a coffee drinker are you?

We all know that we all have our own preferences when it comes to coffee.

So maybe it is time to introduce the types of coffee drinkers out there.

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Ready? Sip on a cup of coffee and read on.

Strong coffee drinkers

These are the types coffee drinkers who like their coffees strong and very bitter. They prefer all “natural” kind of coffee. They are mostly those who work a lot or those who like to stay awake for the entire day.

Coffee shop drinkers

Cheap coffee is not their thing. Are you this kind of coffee drinker? These kinds of coffee drinkers like it classy and would like to spend some good cash for some fancy and good coffee. Some do this for the gram. Ooops.

Sweet drinker

Sugar, please! Even if the drink is already sweet itself, these types of coffee drinkers still want to add more syrup or sugar to satisfy their sweet tooth. Once you take a sip on their coffee choice, it’ll be like sipping hot melted sugar. But, hey! it’s their coffee, their choice.

Instant coffee lover

Some cheap coffees don’t taste bad at all. This is why instant coffee is preferred by many. They keep you awake without hurting your wallet or pockets. 3-in-1 coffees are surprisingly good, try it sometimes.

Coffee addicts

Cold, hot, strong, or sweet name it and they will have it. Most of us would take our coffee in the morning and one in the afternoon, but these guys can take it any time of the day like water.

Whatever kind of coffee drinker you may be, always remember to drink moderately because coffee has its own effects on our bodies, too.

Nonetheless, thank you, coffee, for helping us through those tough days. /bmjo

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