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Monitor lizard disturbs peace at Daanbantayan Hospital

Jumanji in Cebu Part 2: 'haw' in Daanbantayan Hospital

A monitor lizard surprised medical staff at the Daanbantayan District Hospital in northern Cebu on Friday morning, August 7. | Video courtesy of Nurses Julie Ann Conde and Bbrose Arriesgado.

CEBU CITY, Philippines – The frenzy on animals running loose and being chased by humans all over the country, including Cebu, is not over yet.

The latest incident, which many have likened to the popular 1995 Hollywood film adaptation of Chris Van Allsburg’s book Jumanji, involved a monitor lizard, locally known as haw, that was trying to get out of a government hospital in Daanbantayan town in the northernmost tip of Cebu island.

Medical staff and other workers of Daanbantayan District Hospital, who were busy fighting the coronavirus pandemic on the frontlines, got a surprise greeting on Friday morning, August 7, from the reptile.

Netizen M’Arries shared with CDN Digital a video that was recorded by two of the nurses at the Daanbantayan District Hospital showing a monitor lizard as it rushed outside one of the hospital rooms.  The lizard can be seen crawling on the hospital’s tiled lobby as it tried to elude a chasing security guard who was armed with a broom.

M’Arries said the animal eventually managed to get out of the hospital building, and that it was not harmed while fleeing the property.

The monitor lizard could have sought shelter inside the hospital due to incessant rains in Daanbantayan, a first-class municipality located over 140 kilometers north of Cebu City, over the past few days, she said.

Sightings of farm and wild animals on the loose made the rounds on social media following reports of an ostrich running around inside a gated subdivision in Quezon City.

In Cebu City, a pig was also seen running loose while in a flyover in Barangay Banilad. / dcb

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